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462 A.D.

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The White Dragon Roars

In the year of the Lord, 462, civil war broke out in Britain. The usurper of the throne, King Vortigern, had ran out of plots and schemes to hold the land in check. Some claim he was betrayed, others that it was simply politics. Perhaps a bit of both is the truth.

After a horrible sneak-attack during the funeral of Morwenna, Ceiwyn’s wife, the four old friends found themselves in the middle of a failed tactical ploy. After a disastrous war-effort they return to their homes, fearing for what might come. But the year ends in a surprise. Vortigern and Hengest has called for a peace-meeting… A peace that feels hollow after hard winter.

In the late winter, a messenger arrives with the strangest tidings. It seemed, not all ended with The Battle of Londinium last year. The messenger looked distraught, for never had be brought such good and bad news with him, at the same time. He gathers the closest of Robyn’s men, and retells his story.

The White Dragon Roars, took place in 462 A.D. during the Roman Period and was played on 2016-04-14 in an unknown location.

Game Master was Ikabodo.

SuspektApelsin played Ceiwyn, Arcas played Cadwallon, AshFall played Edern, EllenMsbck played Bryn and Skarpskytten did not play this year.

Events that took place during 462 A.D.

During the year of 462 these adventures, battles or other events took place in the lives of the knights in the story.

Londinium Clash

The Battle of


The Glevum Deceit

The Battle of


The Plains of Bath

The Battle of




Player Journals from 462 A.D.

Every year the players write their own stories of what happens around their characters. Most of the stories revolve around the characters lives in autumn and winter.

A legend not his own

Edern in


Friends don’t let friends do dangerous things… alone.

Bryn in


Strange family in a strangely familiar house

Cadwallon in


The King of a Single Breath

Vortigern and Vortimer in

Crown fallen.png


By the winter fire 462 A.D.

Twice a year the courts of Logres gather to discuss law, war, politics and gossip. Here is a list of quotes that can be gathered at these events.

By the winter fire
Conversation & Quotes 462 a.d.

In the shadows

Rumours & Intrigue 462 a.d.


In the solar

Trends & Fashion 462 a.d.