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Beautiful Grove


In the outer parts of Modrons forest, far enough into the forest so that hunters try to keep away, but close enough to be reachable by foot from Ludwell, lies a beautiful natural grove.

The place has many associations with the Anarawds of old, and is important to many of it’s kin. In times past those who truly loved would seek seclusion here.

In recent years, the location has been half-forgotten, since the families older romantic ideals has been lost to the generations.

In the year of our lord 480 Gamond of the Anarawd stumbled upon this disused and overgrown place, finding a wounded woman bleeding among the thorns. She was Anwyn.

In 484 the young lord of Ludwell began to clear the grove, restoring it to rough natural beauty.

After Anwyns death in 489 Gamond built several simple marble benches around the grove, secluded behind fragrant trees and thickets. Where Anwyn once bled, his orchardist Gusg constructed a framework for the redbloom briar to climb, and within he placed Anwyn's sword. Upon a square marble block before an arch through the centre is carved, in latin, “Here rests the true heart of a warrior”.

In time Gamond's own blade, and later generations swords, would rest here gradually entangled and lost to the briars.