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By the winter fire 505


Some semblance of royal court life is beginning to return to the land, although it is not centered around Logres as it was before. Much of culture and conversations begin in and around Carlion where both the Archbishopry and the Royal court of Nanteleod holds court.

But not all is as it was, the land is still haunted by saxons and war. Men talk of war as they have for many years and some men in Logres complain that Nantelod is not the king they are used to. He still has yet to form any sort of judicial system. And in the end, not much have changed from the earlier years of Anarchy.

“It is good to have a king, I say. I hope the countess swears fealty to Nanteleod — there’s not going to be any king of Logres coming forth, that’s for sure.”

“Well, there could be. My old nanny said that Prince Madoc’s kid was an elf kid, like people say, he could be an adult right now.”

“Could, could, could. Say, how many desserts are planned for tonight? I can’t bear to have three again.”

“Well, victory tastes sweet, and it’s a great change from those ordinary years.”
- Gossiping ladies

"Aescwine is now the new king of Est Seaxe. They are celebrating and making plans, and no tribute gatherers were sent out this year. Strange... they should be hating us for what happened. What have they got planned?"
- Ulfius

"Nanteleod is going to fight Cornwall. His preparations are well known, and Prince Alain is blunt about it."
- Brastias

"War is still at our doorstep. Whom ought we pay homage to? It’s no secret that I prefer Nanteleod. He held to his word for us. And he is certainly lucky."
- Ellen

"Several farms, manors and holdings have been raided by Jagent deserters. Is this really the alliance the Crows spoke so highly of?"
- Hundred Court