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By the winter fire 506


King Nanteleod has been contacting the members of the Collegium to convince them to convene and elect him High King but far from all are convinced. Ulfius does not trust him, and he is open war with Cornwall. The future will tell is he is successful or have enough support.

The burst of food and trade in the country might be short lived.

“I bet it is safer up wherever the queen’s daughters are. Up north there.”

“In Lothian? You’re mad. They don’t even have furniture up there. There isn’t a city north of Carduel, you know.”

“But they don’t have these Saxons coming in on us every year, either.”

“No, just the Picts instead.”

“But everyone knows the Saxons are mightier than the Picts. They run around naked in battle, for God’s sake!”

“When we're on the subject... did you SEE that girl at the Pomponia's Feast last year. So it is true!”

“Of course it is! I've known all along!”

“You were invited to such feast dear?”

“No... well. I've heard of them... that's the truth.”

“I hope we're invited again.”
- Gossiping ladies

"The King of Wessex and Chief Port have made an alliance. They cut a bull in half and stood between the parts to make a vow of friendship."
- Ulfius

King Nanteleod’s army is gathering in Cirencester.
- Brastias

"Duke Corneus, with a hefty number of Anglish mercenaries, is going to march on London."
- Cador

"No tribute this year either... but this won't be the end of it. I'm telling you all.
- Amig

“I have to say it again. Are we not the stupidest people in the world? The Saxons are finally beaten down, so we Cymru attack each other instead. We truly live in the Age of Animals, for our most base instincts determine our actions, that is certain. Do you think the pygmies of Africa act this way, or the dog-headed people of India? I wager they do not. Just us, savages.”
- Ellen

"The Crows fell two griffons this year... we haven't had heroes of their like in our midst since the Bannermen. We should be proud. To bad they were fought like cowards..."
- Hundred Court