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By the winter fire 507


There is finally a new court in Britain, that of King Nanteleod. The King has expanded quickly and although he still controls far from all of Logres his court is getting more and more influence.

There has been some talk of expanding law, order and again putting Sheriffs to work in the counties that has sworn him fealty.

“Let me tell you, it’s been a long time since we had royalty at this castle. Look at all these people! Where are they all from?”

“Escavalon, mostly, but surely you know that.”

“I can’t imagine what I was thinking when I was younger to hate this! I would sleep in the barn just to be around so many people.”

“Well, I’ll say that the countess should get her claws into that king if she can.”

“Ah, too late for that now. Their time passed years ago I am told. But who knows?”
- Gossiping ladies

“I don't know. King Nanteleod has kept his promises so far, he seems like an honorable men. We would do well to follow him in the campaign against the Saxons. But swearing fealty? To a King not of this land?... hasty. It's a mistake.”
- Ulfius

“London liberated. Finally. We should prepare the defenses, something tells me this is not the last we will see of the Saxons. If they can take London, they can take any city.”
- Brastias

“London taken. Unexpected. But then again you can't expect the Saxons to keep something defended. More work for me in the future.”
- Heliandor

“If Saxons will raid, we have to be cautious about helping Nanteleod next year. Are his own men still willing to follow him? How is he paying them, anyway?”
- Ellen

“The young master is growing up quick. Does anyone know of a good carpenter that can make him a throne worthy of his future stature? You will be greatly rewarded!”
- Julianus

“The Saxon was roaming the countyside all winter... they took some, but not too much. It looks like they were scouting... next year we will know the truth. We should bury our treasures.”
- Hundred Court