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By the winter fire 510


A King, a court, a future.

The country struggles to get to grips with a new king and the courtly life that follows. For years there has been no clear royal court where intrigues, rumor's and politics can be discussed. But now suddenly it's there. It will probably take quite a while before some semblance of courtly life returns.

“Isn’t this boy king a surprise!? That old Merlin never stops meddling, does he? I can hardly believe that this is truly our new king. A mere boy, and a bastard at that!!” “King Arthur is Merlin’s protégé, trained since birth for this special place. Arthur is like the kings of old, blessed with magical powers. Didn’t you hear how he drove off King Lot? That blinding light! He is like the Young God come again to answer Britain’s crying need.”
- Gossiping ladies

“That bo— er, king of ours is quite something, isn’t he? What ideas! They just may work, too. Did you see, Duke Ulfius and King Lak actually agreed on the principles of knighthood? What a novel idea that is to unify us!”
- Alain

“We are of many lands, but the Brotherhood of Knighthood unites us all. We all, even though hailing from different kingdoms and speaking different tongues, are all leaders of men, acknowledged superior to those who are beneath us. We have the same rights in our own lands, and we have more in common with each other than with the commoners we lead.”
- Arthur

“By God's blood. I haven't seen a battle turn like that before... and commoners in the battlefield, what a time to be alive. But honestly, we probably need to handle the next battle with a bit more tactic. Fervor and ambition won't take us all the way.”
- Brastias

“Good fight.”
- Cador