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Castle Deep


During summer of the year 497, sir Cadry, sir Maelgwyn, sir Ennis, sir Padern, sir Ieuan, and their squires travel once more into the newly conquered Hantonne. Going through the land, avoiding the roads, they eventually reach the coast and beyond to Yamoth, the Isle of White.

When they arrive a battle between the people of the island and the saxons is taking place in the darkness. The group splits up, fighting saxons in different places, and Cadry and Ennis happen to save maid Rosalyn, the daughter of the lord of the island. The strange kidnapper, who was clearly some type of sorcerer, escapes them.

The maid is escorted back to lord Gwenwynwyn, and the knights are well greeted for their services. During the night the lord shows them his collected treasures and gives Maelgwyn a peculiar spartan shield.

During the feast Ennis, who has taken a liking to Rosalyn, flirts with the maid, and when her kidnapper arrives as a captive of the guards from Yarmouth, he is the one to humiliate the wizard. However, the wizard breathes a curse and the next morning the lord and his guests are dead, and our heroes’ swords are red with blood.

They try to get answers as to where the wizard Gardeth has gone to. He has left a note explaining that the knights can bargain their lives for that of maid Rosalyn, who is missing. As they visit a hag on the beach sir Ieuan crosses her line, and he starts drowning on dry land. Sir Padern also crosses the border of her dwelling to help his fellow knight. To recompense her for the breach of hospitality, sir Padern gives the hag his blood, but sir Ieuan refuses. When the ship that takes them back to Hantonne is almost sunk by a storm, he too is persuaded to give blood to the god of the sea.

Back in Hantonne the knights travel to Castle Deep where Gardeth has gone. On their way they are attacked by undead dogs with burning eyes from the hottest depths of hell and sir Ieuan disapears during the fight. Instead, almost by accident, they save a saxon who teaches them what wood to use against undead and they sleep in a stone ring during the night.

This is however not at all appreciated by the fairies living in the stone circle. Most of the knights manage to excuse themselves, but Ennis insults the fairie leader and is cursed with ugliness.

Reaching Castle Deep they are met by a dwarf they encountered at Yamoth, and when they enter the castle they are attacked by four undead knights as Rosalyn holds a bowl to the sky, unmoving. A curse of Immobility renders many of the men and their squires paralyzed. As the remaining knights start to cut down the undead ones, Rosalyn starts to bleed and eventually they focus their efforts on Gardeth himself.

In the end Gardeth is struck down but maid Rosalyn also lies dead on the floor. As the castle starts to get swallowed by the waters again, the squire Mabsant manages, with an extraordinary effort, to get the entire party to safety.

Sister Elaine of Ambrosius Abbey

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