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Castle Ease


The Castle of Ease is a castle in the forest Sauvage and home to several of the Brun family. It's one of the most comfortable living-spaces in Britain, and those who come there tend to stay for long periods of time.

Lazy knights sit around the hall drinking, talking, and playing games throughout the day. Only Sir Lance seems to be different, going out to joust every morning and coming back at night.

Once a knights come to visit, Sir Garmon, the castellan, greets his guests: “Please accept my hospitality and stay until you are rested.” Sir Garmon is content and unambitious. He knows the way from Brun back the way the knights came from, but none other. Garmon invites the knights to stay and relax a while. The food he gives out at each meal is delicious and plentiful, the wine and beer apparently endless. Each knight has his own real bed with down inside, pillows, clean sheets, and a comforter.

If the knight comes to his senses and decides to leave, they then realize how long they have been here, and may ask to be granted permission to leave by Garmon, who always ends with, “And we look forward to your return!”

In game terms

This place is the home of Indolence itself. An Energetic roll is needed each day just to behave normally.

Glory: 15 for spending any length of time here, awarded only once.