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Counties are divided into areas called hundreds. Each county has 6-25 hundreds and each hundred incorporates 10-20 settlements. In 485 Logres had 541 hundreds. In ancient days, the hundred was an organization of one hundred hides, parcels of land capable of supporting one family. Thus each hundred provided a hundred Spearmen when mustering for war. Centuries and changes in population and borders have altered that so that hundreds now vary incredibly in size and population. Hundreds are traditionally named after the place where the local court meets. It is often out of doors, although weather conditions sometimes require a moot hall(“meeting hall” today).

Each hundred has a lord, either the king or another, and an administrative apparatus to uphold and help execute the law. Hundreds held by the king are called royal hundreds, and are overseen by a royal bailiff. Private hundreds are those held by a lord other than the king. Private hundreds traditionally have a steward (instead of royal bailiff) to oversee them.

The hundred court is the most important meeting place of local government. It meets every three or four weeks and handles a wide range of local business and justice.