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House Pendragon


Founder: Aurelius
Family tree: Click here
Family feature:
House traits
Traits: Just and Pride
Passions: Honor
Skills: Spec.
Blazon: Vert, two dragons addorsed rampant or

The house of Pendragon is the centre of this story, and game the name to the legendary campaign. In one way or another, this house affects all men and women in the British islands during their time. Pendragon means, literally, “Chief Dragon.” The Pendragon kings are the most famous kings of Britain. Here is their lineage from the past, current, and future.


Four kings ruled before the coming of Aurelius Ambrosius, the first Pendragon. The last was the lord named Vortigern. He gained the throne by assassinating the chosen king, Constans. After marrying Rowena, the daughter of King Hengest, his rule was weak and soon barbarians from the north, east and west ravaged the land. War again broke out between tribes of the Britons as well.

Aurelius Ambrosius, brother to the assassinated Constans, rescued Britain. He came with an army from Amorica and defeated Vortigern after several battles. He then drove off the raiders from other lands. He is the first Pendragon and the last Roman because of his efforts to establish and administer the island with the unity and authority from that imperial age. He was also granted the title of Imperator, or Emperor, by the British Senate. He was the last king to be so granted. Aurelius was poisoned and died in the year 480.

Uther Pendragon ascended to the throne after the death of his brother. Uther was killed in The Infamous Feast in 495.


The Pendragon heraldry has changed somewhat during the years the house has existed. It's last shield is the shield of Uther Pendragon. A green shield with two golden dragons back to back.

Vert, two dragons addorsed rampant or

House rulers

Before Pendragon

  • 390 – 440: King Constantine the Just
  • 440 – 444: King Constans the Child-king


  • 466 – 480: High King Aurelius, the Last Roman
  • 480 – 495: King Uther, the King of Warlords
  • 495 – present: Interregnum