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In the shadows 506


As spies and secrets spread of the land, hundreds of rumours spread. Some ill, some bad. Most of the concerning the future of the country. But some regarding the future of morality. The church is starting to react.

"Lady Pomponia's feast this year had plenty of powerful guests. Even Lady Ellen was there. "
- Court

"Sir Cadry visited Lady Pomponia's feast, no surprise there. But did you hear? Sir Maelgwyn was there! What will his wife say?"
- Court

"I'm sorry... I'm all out. Maybe next year?"
- Traders

"Plenty of work, it's a good time to be a mercenary! You coming to London too this year?"
- Soldiers
Intrigue from Court [Intrigue 10]
"Lady Ellen has an affair, if you can call it that. I know she's not married, but she should stay faithful to her county."
- Court
Intrigue from Gossiping ladies [Intrigue 15]
"Maybe Ellen should get a few of those slaves herself? It'd certainly spice up the boring feasts..."
- Gossiping ladies
Intrigue from Court [Intrigue 15]
"Lady Pomponia keeps pleasure-slaves in her bed every night..."
- Court
Intrigue from Unknown [Intrigue 18]
"Prince Alain visited this Christmas, in secret. And so did Prince Madoc. What is going on?"
- Unknown
Intrigue from Amig [Intrigue 20]
"My wife sure is a fool... she got us all into trouble. But it could have been worse."
- Amig