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The Iron Crown

Iron crown.png

A simple iron crown, beaten by hand to form a circle resembling branches or thorns. It is sharp to the touch, and it seems it might have been made from parts of a shattered blades.

It could be worth maybe a few dozen pennys at a market, maybe half a pound to a collector of strange goods.


The crown shows no supernatural or fantastical abilities. It’s just a simple crown, made from iron, and not very well made at that.

In game terms

If handled without care and without gloves, the crown does 1D3 damage from the sharp thorns.


The Crown is said to have been inherited in the line of Cellydon for many generations. It seems to be important, but no one seems to know why. Cadry was told by the arch-druid Merlin that it was called “the Crown of Ungwen”


Current owner:

Cadry ap Cadwallon