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The Royal Griffin


It was at the end of Easter in the year of our lord 507 that the crowboys met in Sarum after attending the good lady Ellen's grand feast. At the market grounds Sir Cynyr met with the twenty skilled archers King Nanteleod had sent to assist him, and us, to fight the fearsome Peryton Griffohip Eaglion Beast roaming the west of Salisbury. Sir Ennis and Sir Cadry, knowledgeable in the hunting of great beasts, discussed and procured special arrows and nets to trap the beast while I ventured to invest in a mule as bait. When we met later we were blessed by the company of Bishop Roger who showed great meekness even though some of my companions showed him little respect. The lord must have guided my steps for I decided to accompany the good man to the cathedral where I saved him from a most devious trap. A man tricked the bishop to walk underneath a great arch that his treacherous accomplices tore down, trapping the man. It was only through the great strength of Sir Cadry and Ennis that the rubble was removed and the holy man saved. Together they are able to hunt down the saboteur who, to no one's surprise, was a filthy Saxon sent to avenge the death of their king. Justice was served and the saboteur was executed yet the good people of Sarum were disheartened by the fall of their most holy site.

The hunt for the beast brought me and my battle brothers to the lands of Lord Amig where we learned that it had been attacking both peasants and the holdings of the lord. I will not dwell on the slaying of the beast and its mate, for it was not a honorable affair, but I shall mention that through the skill of Sir Ennis we were able to ascertain that eggs from the beasts nest had been stolen and that we, through the clumsiness of the same, had a great guffaw when he dropped an egg on sir Cadry. As it turned out the daughter of lord Amig had drawn the ire of the beast by stealing eggs from its nest and as we left lord Amig made promises to chastise her.

As recorded by Sir Maelgwyn

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