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The Battle of The Traitors at Carlion

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Year: 510 A.D.
Commander: Arthur
Opponent: Lot
Outcome: Victory
Length of battle: 8 turns
Battle size: Medium


The Battle of the Traitors of Carlion was the first major field-battle of Arthur and was fought in 510, just a few months after him drawing the sword from the stone.

Arthur was held up in Carlion, after the legates had just voted him High King of Britain when King Lot arrived with more than three thousand men. Arthur sent out gifts to greet the newcomers but King Lot responded with insults and curses causing the infuriated followers of Arthur to edge him towards battle.

The battle was held outside Carlion's walls not far from the famous Dueling Oak where Lot had set up is camp. Lots army outnumbered Arthur's by 2:1 and the eager young king rushed into battle without formation or tactics. The experienced Lot immediately began encircling the naive young king, and the battle quickly turned disastrous. Arthur's personal bodyguard was attacked a few hours into the battle and all hope seemed lost. But Arthur drew the sword from the stone, and with Merlin's magic inspired his fellow commanders.

Against all odds the inspired battle-commanders of Arthur's army managed to turn the tide of the war with the help of hundreds of commoners who rushed out from Carlion to help their new king and a small unit of knights managed to get behind enemy lines, causing Lot's troops to retreat orderly. The battle was won, but at great cost to the knighthood of Britain.

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