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British Christianity


British Christianity is native to the island, established by immigrants four centuries ago. It has bishops and abbots, but no single figure rules over all of them. Their local kings or noblemen appoint these important leaders, who in turn are loyal to their regional lords.

Christianity is likely the foremost religion of the Arthurian world. Religion in the Middle Ages, though, was very different from religion today. To capture the feelings and attitudes of medieval literature, it is important to understand the accepted attitudes held about religion by their characters, who are members of the ruling class. Christianity is the dominant religion in Britain and in Europe during the Pendragon era. There are several different forms of the religion exist in Europe. Two types compete for followers just in Britain.

Even the most ignorant worshiper knows the information contained under Core Beliefs, below. More informed individuals — i.e., those with a Religion skill of 6 or higher, with higher scores indicating progressively more thorough knowledge — know parts of the History, as well, which is drawn from many British sources and is intended largely as player information. Thus it includes many facts that outsiders question (such as whether Jesus was ever in Britain).

Core Beliefs

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Differences from other forms of Christianity

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