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Type: Non Player Character
Gender: Male
Religion: Roman Christian
Class: Household Knight
Level of fame: Renowned
Distinctive features:
County: Royal Progress
Liege lord: Uther
Death year: 491 A.D.
Age at time of death: 49
Form of address: Sir
Colloquial address: Sir
Formal address: Sir Goreau . Seneschal of Logres.
Known for
Culture: [[]]
Age category: Adult
Born: 442 A.D.
Squired: 457 A.D.
Knighted: 463 A.D.
Birthcounty: Lonazep

~ Renowned Household Knight ~

Sir Goreau the Seneschal

Goreau was a Renowned Cymric Household Knight from Royal Progress. He served Uther at the time of his death.

He was the son of an unknown man and an unknown woman. He was unmarried. He has no sons or daughters.

He died in 491 A.D. He was 49 years old.


Sir Goreau oversaw the royal demesne, spending most of his time outside the eyre, making the rounds of stewards and bailiffs and overseeing the royal holdings. He traveled with two clerks, one called “Scribbler” and the other “Counting Man,” who always had his abacus within reach.

He was short and tough, with blond hair, hazel eyes, and always kept his face clean- shaven. He was a fast talker and full of energy, always on the move.

Sir Goreau’s true talents was in logistics. Many of Aurelius’ and Uther’s successes on the battlefield would not have been possible without Sir Goreau finding the food and carts necessary to feed the soldiers and their horses, and transport the army’s supplies.

He was killed at the Battle of Terrabil in 491 when he was surprised by the Duke of Cornwall’s forces. His office was then awarded to Sir Geraint, the Baron of Guinnon.