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The Great Pendragon Campaign


This story follows The Great Pendragon Campaign in the Pendragon RPG and takes place in Salisbury County in Logres. If you are curious, you can read more about what this is all about.

Don't know where to start? Check out Codex Britannia or take look at the [[500|latest session we played]]. If you wish to become a fan and follow us, feel free to create an account. (You won't be able to edit the pages, but can comment on most articles and follow pages.)

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Next Session

"A wedding, a bedding, a threading"

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Recommended reading:

Last Session

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500 A.D.
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Player journals:
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See also

If you want to read more about the world of Pendragon you can enter the Codex Britannia or click any of the links below.

Codex Britannia
Campaign information

Active Characters

These are the current active players and the characters they play.

Extraordinary Vassal Knights
Extraordinary Vassal Knights
Renowned Household Knights

Featured Articles

[[File:|link=Rules for Entourage]]