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Castle Vagon

Type of castle: Motte-and-Bailey
Country: Logres
County: Salisbury
Castellan: Elad
Works, outer: 3 3
Works, inner: 10 10
Stronghold: 2 2
A shield bendy sinister sable and or
The outer and inner defenses have been damaged by age, wear and tear.

Castle Vagon is one of the oldest fortifications of Salisbury except for the old hill forts and Sarum the Rock. It was constructed by Rudderch, Dominus Sorviodunum in his early years at a great cost and as a major investment. It works as a secondary defensive position in Salisbury, ready to back up any attack against the Rock by major forces. It usually holds a large garrison and the Castellan is also the Marshal of Salisbury, ready to serve the Count as a major defensive force against any attack.

In peacetime, the castle is mostly used to train young warriors and squires.

The castle is a Motte-and-Bailey without any waterworks. It has a strong wooden tower in it's center. It’s well defended and garrisoned by trained troops all year round.