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The Romans are one of the Cultures in Britain. Roman people usually dwell within the cities, the birthright of their culture which was once the heart of civilization.

Long ago, "in ancient times", the noble Roman Empire conquered and civilized this land. It ruled all of Britain―indeed, all the world. Due to decadence and selfishness, the whole Empire collapsed except for one part―Britain, thanks to the ancestors of the present-day Roman Britons. These are the Old Families of the "ancient aristocracy." The urban Britons revere their Roman heritage, especially their legal system that has maintained the "peaceful imperial times".

The old Roman cities provide a life for many residents because they are trade centers. The commoners there often call themselves Romans, too. These are the plebeians of urban life, the numerous lower classes. No player characters come from this group. The amount of money required to be an equites is simply too great, or (more likely) the lifestyle is too dangerous for plebeians to pursue.

Romans are stereotyped by others as upper-class snobs, rich folk who take their status as "given". Most are condescending because they know they deserve their place, though the equites hold up their privilege by actually doing the noble and dangerous task of defending the land.


The romans once controlled almost the entire British Islands, only being cut of in the north and on Eire. Since they left, they still have a strong culture hook on parts of the British Isles.

Skills & Traits

Roman stock tends to produce nobler-looking people than other cultures, with lithe, attractive forms.

Roman culture emphasizes education and most Romans can read some Latin, whereas even the nobility of many other peoples are illiterate. They also practice lost sciences such as medicine, which they do not consider "unmanly" as some other peoples do.

Romans are well known to be experts with language and politics. City dwelling requires more use of their tongues than their swords - though combat training still exists with a special focus on siege warfare to protect their cities.


Roman Christian

"Saint Peter was the favourite of Our Lord Jesus, and he founded the only True Church. It guided the Roman Empire, and it has survived intact as our organization of bishops. Of course we obey the Pope."

Roman Christians follow the church founded by Peter, the head of Jesus' apostles and one-time religion of the Roman Empire. They believe in be "One God, One Church, One Bishop," with the Roman Bishop declared to be pre-eminent, invested as Pope. They practice centralization and tight control of all churches, with church fathers standardising the New Testament Bible, sacraments, and holy days. Although most of the fundamentals are superficially identical to British Christianity, there is enough different to create tensions that have on occasions flared into open conflict.

Religious traits for Roman Christian knights are: Chaste, Forgiving, Merciful, Modest, Temperate.