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The Hundred of Anna’s Water

County: Salisbury
Ruler: Ellen
Heir apparent: Robert
Tenure: Barony
Estate: Anna’s Water
Sheriff: None
Bailiff: Gwarthegydd
Blazon: [[Anna’s Water#Heraldry|]]

This hundred was granted by King Uther to Roderick as part of the barony of Anna’s Water and essentially forms the dowry of the lady Ellen. It consists to a large extent of woodland, through which the royal road to Silchester passes. The hundred court is held at Anna’s Manor. This hundred includes the pagan site of Holyhill and the abbey of Monkstown.

Anna's Water is also an estate, inherited by Ellen. Ellen is the current head of the Estate, and Robert is set to inherit.

Places of note

Manors in the hundred

  • Biddesden
  • Cholderton
  • Grately
  • Monxton
  • Newtown Tony
  • Tidworth