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Castle Borders

Type of castle: Motte-and-Bailey
Country: Logres
County: Salisbury
Castellan: Amig
Works, outer: 10 10
Works, inner: 11 11
Stronghold: 2 2
Gules, three corvus overt Sable

Once an old Hillfort this castle was fortified and rebuilt by Rudderch, Dominus Sorviodunum, his father and his son in several occasions. It now stands as one of the most well defended positions in the region and protects the northern borders of Salisbury against any potential threats. Traditionally, the Castellan of Borders is also the Constable of Salisbury, and hold large stables within the fortified town to hold most of the Lord’s horses.

The castle is surrounded by a walled town and lies on the river Avon on a natural formation of earth and rock. It has a large motte and two bailies.

The town has it's own defenses:

  • Outer works: 5
  • Inner works: 3