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Type: Non Player Character
Gender: Male
Religion: British Christian
Class: Household Knight
Level of fame: Famous
Distinctive features: Powerful
County: Thamesmouth
Liege lord: Uther
Death year: 490 A.D.
Age at time of death: 51
Form of address: Sir
Colloquial address: Sir
Formal address: Sir Eliezier of House Strong. Royal Constable.
Known for
  • Energetic
  • Horsemanship
  • Spear Expertise
  • Sword
House: Strong
Culture: Cymrii
Age category: Adult
Born: 439 A.D.
Squired: 454 A.D.
Knighted: 460 A.D.
Birthcounty: Lambor
Vert, a rearing stallion argent.

~ Famous Household Knight ~

Sir Eliezier the Strong

Eliezier was a Famous Cymric Household Knight from Thamesmouth. He served Uther at the time of his death.

He was the son of an unknown man and an unknown woman. He was unmarried. He has no sons or daughters.

He died in 490 A.D. He was 51 years old.


Sir Eliezier was the Constable of Uther's household. The constable’s job is to make sure the entire eyre is properly mounted on good horses, ponies, or donkeys every day; to see that the carts and great carts are maintained and hauled; and to escort the king’s personal wardrobe while on the march.

Sir Eliezier was renowned as a mighty knight and admired for his astonishing horsemanship (Sir Amig often spoke of him). He has an uncanny talent with horses; some claim he is able to speak to them. He was known to tame a horse in one session from a near-wild state to complete obedience. He proved his skills as a warrior many times over on the battlefield.

Sir Eliezier died at the Battle of Linden in 490.