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Type: Player Character
Player: Arcas
Gender: Male
Religion: British Pagan
Class: Noble
Glory: 6743
Level of fame: Renowned
Distinctive features:
Estate: Tisbury
County: Salisbury
Liege lord: Robyn
Death year: 463 A.D.
Age at time of death: 53
Form of address:
Colloquial address: Tisbury
Formal address: Cadwallon of Tisbury of House Cellydon.
Known for
House: Cellydon
Former wives:
Sons (0):
Daughters (0):
Culture: [[]]
Age category: Adult
Born: 410 A.D.
Birthcounty: Salisbury

~ Renowned Noble ~

Cadwallon the Oak

Cadwallon was a Renowned Cymric Noble from Salisbury. He served Robyn at the time of his death.

He was the son of Cadlew and Eleri. He was unmarried. He has no sons or daughters.

He died in 463 A.D. He was 53 years old.


Cadwallon fell with the first sunrays hitting his face in his 53rd year in the forest of Gloom. His acts of bravery in defending his family and his children unto his death is talked about for many generations. His body was laid at rest in a tomb with effigy, payed for by Aurelius Ambrosius for deeds in the Kings Service that is never spoken of. Many of his glorious deeds were ahead of their time, and are often retold by later relatives. Amongst his many great deeds, he took part in felling the giant Sigeberht Longsword. He died a Notable Warrior.

Cadwallon was known for his Passionate and Energetic personality, his generousness, his honesty, his pride, his spirituality and his valour. He was also known for his Love of his Family, his Hospitality and his Loyalty for his old Battle-brothers.

He was an excellent Spearman, Swordsman and Rider as well as a talented Tactician, Scout, Composer, Bandager, Hunter, Intriguer, Public Speaker, and a knowledgeable Pagan and Singer. A man of many talents.

Cadwallons fourth wife survived the attack and took care of the children from the former marriages. Cadwallon left behind his wife Cerys, and three children from earlier marriages, Duddug, Annest and Cadry.

His son Cadry inherits the manor of Tisbury with all the lands that came with it, an old Iron Crown, A valuable Wolven cloak (£2), £12 in silver and gems, £4 in raw goods, a lock of Gwydeons Hair (Temperate), an old cymric chainmail with helmet, a cymric sword, a dagger, 5 spears, 5 javelins and two painted shields. The Saxon Clothes he wore at time of death was burned.