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The Picts are an indigenous people of Britain. A tribal group, they dwell in The North.

The Picts are indigenous to the island. They "grew out of the soil," some of them from rocks and others from trees, yet others were brothers and sisters to the animals of the wild. They lived in harmony with the spirits of the world, and they communed with the giants and dwarves who inhabited it. Then "foreigners came, with wicked ways," like farming that slices open the Great Mother’s skin. They built houses that stopped the ancient flow of power. They brought swords and war, so that the Picts withdrew to the wild places to "live in harmony" and preserve their ancient ways. They have "never been seduced to civilized softness and decadence."


The picts are a tribal society, spread out over the northern part of Britain.


The picts is in most senses both a culture and a tribe. Although several minor tribes are part of the overall culture, for the sake of the game, they are all considered one tribe.

Skills & Traits

Picts stock tends to produce smaller people than other Cultures. They are nimble, but their hard life makes them seem rather unattractive to others.

Picts are experts in the outdoors, being hunters and trackers without comparison. They mostly use sword and spear in combat, in particular favouring the Great Spear.


British Christian

"Christ came to the world to save our souls and lead us to Eternal Life, and to free us from the bonds of savagery. The good Saint Ninnian showed our forefathers the true way to Salvation, and we will not dishonor their decision with heathen practices."

Some lowland Picts have been converted to Christianity thanks to the efforts of Saint Ninnian about a century ago. British Christianity is a local religion with a different infrastructure to the Roman Christian church. Key differences include that local kings, not Rome, appoints men to the rank of bishop, a stronger focus on clerical poverty, less focus on the concept of Original Sin and a different calculation of the date of Easter. (This last one may sound like trivia but, as the most important holy day in the Christian calendar, it is a major source of friction.)

Religious traits for British Christian knights are: Chaste, Energetic, Generous, Modest, Temperate.


"Nature is harsh and unpredictable. We live as our ancestors lived, and do whatever we must do to live in harmony with those fierce powers. To do otherwise is foolish and invites the reprisal of Nature, which no man or god can withstand."

Heathenism is the oldest religion in Britain, the root of Paganism. It has no hierarchical structure and differs from Paganism in some key ways ways: it emphasises experience, not philosophy, as the root of knowledge. Heathenism is much more shamanical, personal and entrepreneurial a worldview.

Religious traits for Heathen knights are: Vengeful, Honest, Arbitrary, Proud, Worldly.