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The Hundred of Birchford

County: Salisbury
Ruler: Ellen
Heir apparent: Robert
Tenure: Barony
Estate: The Rock
Sheriff: None
Bailiff: Cafal
Blazon: [[Birchford#Heraldry|]]

Birchford hundred was granted to Salisbury as part of the original Honour of Sarum Upon the Rock. This hundred spans the valley of the Nadder river from the king’s road and Bran’s Hill hundred to the north, to Ebble hundred in the south. It has passable farmland with scattered woodland. The hundred court is held at a hill outside the village of Beaverspoint.

You usually have to travel through this hundred to get to Hillfort hundred, and relations have been good for a long time.

Places of note

Manors in the hundred

  • Barford
  • Baverstock
  • Burcombe, held by Jaradan