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122 Hadrians Wall Blankadventure.png
  • The borders of Britannia are established for the next 1,300 years.
  • Rome controls everything south of Solway Firth: the Picts to the north are badly beaten but not conquered, so Emperor Hadrian builds his Wall to seal them off.

190 Too many emperors… Blankadventure.png
  • Legions in Britain proclaim its governor, Clodius Albinus, as Emperor.
  • While legions on the Danube frontier elevate the general Septemius Severus.

197 Severus wins the war Blankadventure.png
  • Severus wins the war that has lasted many years.
  • Severus for the first time, permits loyal soldiers to marry local women, recognizing their children as citizens.

208 A miracle! Blankadventure.png
  • The first British saint. Albans, is martyred at Verulamium for defying a Roman magistrate.

211 Death of an Emperor Blankadventure.png
  • Severus dies at Eburacum.

275 The first Saxon raids Blankadventure.png
  • Saxons begin to raid Britain.
  • To discourage them. Romans build the Saxon Shore forts in the southeast, under the Comes Utoris Saxonici (“Lord of the Saxon Shore”).
  • Picts and Irish raid the north and west.
  • Despite raids, many rich Gauls emigrate to Britain. because civil wars have left Gaul weakly defended.

306 Constantine the Great becomes Emperor Blankadventure.png
  • British legions elevate Constantine the Great to Emperor. He becomes a successful Emperor.

311 Christianity in Rome Blankadventure.png
  • Christianity becomes the official religion in the Roman Empire thanks to Constantine the Great.

337 Death of an Emperor Blankadventure.png
  • Constantine the Great dies after a period of illness.

350 Briton rebels… Blankadventure.png
  • British legions rebel and conquer Gaul under Magentius. a son of federates.

353 …and are defeated. Blankadventure.png
  • Magnetius is defeated, the war has cost Britain several legions.
  • Magnus Maximus was squired

367 The Barbarian Conspiracy Blankadventure.png
  • Roman frontier scouts help Picts sail around Hadrian’s Wall to raid Britain
  • the Saxons and Irish also raid.
  • The Saxons kill the last Comes of the Saxon Shore.
  • The people of northwest Britain, among the hardest hit, secede from the province.

369 Order is restored Blankadventure.png
  • Rome sends Comes Theodosius to restore order.
  • Theodosius defeats the barbarians by land and sea, refortifies walls and equips towns with artillery towers, permits civilians to bear arms, recognizes the northwest as the Province of Valentia (named for the current emperor), and makes sacrifices and other pagan rites illegal.
  • Increasingly, Comess like Theodosius run the Empire.

378 Battle of Adrinople Blankadventure.png
  • A Roman army is destroyed by mounted Goths.
  • Emperor Valens killed.
  • Cavalry becomes prominent in the Roman army.
  • Elen of the Hosts died

380 Pelagius preaches Blankadventure.png
  • The British theologian Pelagius finishes preaching in Britain and moves to Gaul.
  • Constantinus was born
  • Eldol was squired

383 Magnus Maximus rises to power Blankadventure.png
  • The British general Magnus Maximus ennobles Cambrian tribal chiefs to organize their own defenses against the Irish, founding the royal houses of Wales. Rumors that he is being adviced by druids spread in the army ranks.

384 Magnus Maximus becomes Emperor Blankadventure.png
  • Magnus Maximus takes his legions and his Cambrians into Gaul, slays Emperor Gratlan, and rules the Empire.

388 Death of an Emperor Blankadventure.png

395 An Empire divided Blankadventure.png
  • Roman Empire is divided into East (under Arcadius at Constantinople) and West (under Honorius at Ravenna).
  • Hengest was born
  • Horsa was born
  • Constantinus was squired

396 Naval campaigns Blankadventure.png
  • Comes Stilicho fights naval campaigns against the Picts. Irish. and Saxons, making the Channel temporarily safe.

397 Irish raids Blankadventure.png
  • The Irish take land from the Demetae in Cambria, which lost its garrison under Magnus.

398 St. Ninian preaches to the Picts Blankadventure.png
  • In Pictland, St. Ninnian founds the monastery of Candida Casa.

402 Empty coffins in Britain Blankadventure.png
  • Whether for fear of Saxon pirates in the Channel or because Rome is bankrupt.
  • Emperor Honorius stops sending Roman money to Britain.
  • Roman soldiers and civil servants lose their salaries.

405 Irish raids Blankadventure.png
  • Irish raid the southwest and northwest coasts.
  • Vortigern born at Isca Silurum.
  • Renn was squired

406 Failed invasion of Gaul Blankadventure.png
  • Romano-British generals Marcus, and then Gratian, declare themselves emperors.
  • They lead Britain’s legions into Gaul, and are quickly defeated.

407 The Emperor of the Last Days Blankadventure.png
  • Constantine III declares himself Emperor.
  • Joseph was born

408 Barbarians! Blankadventure.png
  • Extensive raids by Saxons, Irish, and Picts.
  • Many Saxon Shore forts are burned.
  • Rudderch was born

409 The death of an Emperor Blankadventure.png

410 “Tend to your own defenses” Blankadventure.png
  • Britain is no longer a Roman province.
  • Many Romano-Britons flee to Armorica. which soon becomes known as little Britain, or Brittany.
  • Cadwallon was born

412 Britain torn by riots Blankadventure.png
  • The Basilicum in Londinium is burned.
  • Chrysanthus the Greek last official Diocese Vicar, is torn limb from limb.
  • A series of British usurpers tries to take the Imperial throne

415 The High King Blankadventure.png
  • The Supreme Collegium elects Aldronius as High King, but he cedes it to Constantinus.
  • Constantinus becomes High King.
  • Constantinus sails from Armorica with 2,000 soldiers, marries a British princess, and becomes chief vicar.
  • Edern was born
  • Vortigern was born

420 Plague in the cities! Blankadventure.png
  • Plague – probably cholera spread by the failing Roman sewers – decimates Camulodunum, Lindum, Glevum, and Corinium.
  • Ceiwyn was born

423 Death of an emperor Blankadventure.png

424 Constans is born Blankadventure.png

428 Angry Gods Blankadventure.png
  • Tectonic shifts or angry gods change the sea-levels.
  • On the continent, flooding drives Frisians and Jutes from their homes.
  • Morwenna was born
  • Joseph was knighted

43 Occupation Blankadventure.png
  • Claudius begins Roman occupation of Britain.

430 Saxon tourists Blankadventure.png

433 Aurelius is born Blankadventure.png
  • Constantin’s sires a son, Ambrosius Aurelius. named for his distant relative St. Ambrose.
  • Maria was born
  • Robyn was born
  • Constans was squired
  • Sewel was squired

436 Uther is born Blankadventure.png
  • Constantin sires his last son, Uther. Both Aurelius and Uther are fostered by Guithelinus, Archbishop of London.
  • Caradoc was born
  • Heliandor was born
  • Uther was born
  • Vortigern was knighted

438 Barbarian raids! Blankadventure.png
  • Renewed raids in the southeast by Frisians, Jutes, and others. Some residents of Roman towns retreat to old Celtic hillforts.
  • Diocenar was born
  • Gorlois was born
  • Llywarch was born

439 Battle of Carlion Battle-of-Carlion.jpg
  • King Constantine defeats the the Irish chieftain Niall and expels his troops from Escavalon.
  • Cadwallon, Edern, Bryn, Ceiwyn and their unit fights in an echille in the Battle of Carlion under King Constantine with great bravery. They were given vassalage under The Lord of Sarum Rock for their great deeds in the battle.
  • Battle of Carlion
  • Categern was born
  • Eliezier was born
  • Geraint was born
  • Gwyllim was born
  • Lilo was born
  • Constans was knighted
  • Sewel was knighted

440 Constantinus death Blankadventure.png
  • A Pictish spy murders Constantin.
  • Vortigern drags Constans from the monastery and convinces the Supreme Collegium to crown him, probably hoping to use the weak, unworldly king as his puppet.
  • A new wave of Irish invade Demetae and Dumnonii lands.
  • Bedwor was born
  • Brychan of Brycheiniog was born
  • Harley was born
  • Marvis was born
  • Rhodri was born
  • Ælle was born
  • Constantinus died
  • Aurelius was squired
  • Julianus was squired

442 The Huns Blankadventure.png
  • Attila the Hun invades the Danube provinces.
  • Comes Aetius, who now controls the Western Empire, settles Burgundian federates to block the Huns
  • the Burgundians feud with the continental Saxons.
  • Amig was born
  • Bodwyn was born
  • Goreau was born
  • Sadinal was born

443 Vortigern Tyrannus Blankadventure.png
  • Constans is beheaded by his Pictish bodyguards.
  • Vortigern is furious and leads retaliatory raids into Pictland, and his success leads the Collegium to elect him High King.
  • Aurelius and Uther are lost when loyal men tries to get them to the Continent, to live with their uncle Aldronius in Armorica.
  • Germanus of Auxerre returns. He heals the crippled leg of the son of Elaphias, praetor of Venta Belgarum, and converts many Belgae to the Christianity. Then he departs.
  • Carac was born
  • Elad was born
  • Constans died

444 Hnaef’s heorthwerod Blankadventure.png
  • A delegation of Angles and Saxons visit King Finn of Frisia, at Finnsburgh. Finn, jealous of their lands. ambushes them and kills the Angle king Hnaef and several Saxon lords, devastating the leadership of those people.
  • Hengest, a Jutish warrior from Hnaef’s heorthwerod, submits to Finn on behalf of the surviving chiefs, and joins Finn’s household – seemingly.
  • Rowena was squired

445 Pictish raids in Britain Blankadventure.png
  • Hengest gets his vengeance, kills Finn, and burns Finnsburgh. He vows to lead his new followers to new lands. Meanwhile, Picts retaliate against Vortigern, raiding as far south as Glevum and Durolipons.
  • Hengest and Horsa land at Thanet in Centaii (Kent) with shiploads of Saxon warriors. Vortigern gives them the marshy lands – not as federates, but as rulers – in return for their military service.
  • A large Pictish raiding force reaches Salisbury, a small part of Vortigern's troops take refuge in old fort Wardour. The fort is besieged in Spring. The fort falls in late autumn after the old roman walls falls to roman sappers forced to work for the Picts. Cadwallon, Edern, Bryn, Ceiwyn manages to escape with parts of the troops.
  • Brychan was born
  • Hywel was born
  • Nanteleod was born
  • Victus was squired

446 Battle of Lincoln Battle-of-Lincoln.jpg
  • Together with Hengest and Horsa, King Vortigern defeats the Pictish Chieftain Aifric and pushes back the Pictish invasion of Britain.
  • Cadwallon, Edern, Bryn, and Ceiwyn fights in the Battle of Lincoln.
  • Battle of Lincoln
  • Imelda was born
  • Aurelius was knighted
  • Julianus was knighted

450 A royal marriage Blankadventure.png
  • Vortigern marries Rowena, daughter of Hengest. Hengest receives the Cantiacii civitas as her brideprice. naming it Kent. Vortigern’s horrified sons fear for their own inheritances.
  • During the wedding Cadwallon notices that Rowena was pregnant, which means she had an affair with the King before they were married.
  • Ennis was born
  • Leo was born
  • Leodegrance was born
  • Roderick was born
  • Arnoullant was squired
  • Corneus was squired
  • Gaudifier was squired
  • Vortimer was squired
  • Rowena was knighted

451 Battle of Chalons Battle-of-Chalons.jpg
  • King Vortigern sends a small contingent of troops to fight with Flavius Aëtius against the great general Attila of the Huns.
  • Cerdic is born to Vortigern and Rowena.
  • Cadwallon, Edern, Bryn, and Ceiwyn is sent with the troups to the continent after having displeased the King at the wedding.
  • Battle of Chalons
  • Argan was born
  • Cerdic was born
  • Do de Carduel was born
  • Tydfil was born
  • Colwen died
  • Tydfil died
  • Caradoc was squired
  • Heliandor was squired
  • Uther was squired
  • Victus was knighted

453 Attilla is murdered Blankadventure.png

454 Vortigern claims more land Blankadventure.png
  • Vortigern claims the Parisi civitas when their king dies without heir.
  • Southeastern nobles conspire with Vortigern·s adult sons, Vortimer and Katigern. to over­throw Vortigern and Hengest.
  • Categern was squired
  • Eliezier was squired
  • Geraint was squired
  • Gwyllim was squired
  • Robyn was knighted

455 Rudderch dies Blankadventure.png
  • Cadwallon, Edern, Bryn, and Ceiwyn looses their lord when the old warrior Rudderch dies after a time of illness. His young son takes over and they swear him fealty.
  • Vortigern moves Cornovii warriors to Durnnonia and Votadini to Cambria, where they expel the Irish.
  • Vortigern is persuaded to settle Saxons under Hengests sons Octa and Eossa in former Parisi lands, founding Nohaut and Deira. Shiploads of continental Saxons flock to the new theods.
  • In Italy, jealous rivals murder Count Aetius and Emperor Valentinian III, plunging the Empire into anarchy.
  • Airla was born
  • Dilwyn was born
  • Edaris was born
  • Meliodas was born
  • Uriens was born
  • Æsc was born
  • Rudderch died
  • Bedwor was squired
  • Marvis was squired
  • Idres was knighted

456 Infighting Blankadventure.png
  • Vortimer and Katigern lead rebellions against their father.
  • The Parisi and Iceni try to eject the Saxons near Lindum but are defeated.
  • Vortimer and Katigern invade Kent with the southeasterners, meeting Hengest and Horsa at Aegelesthrep. Horsa and Katigern kill each other.
  • The British retreat, killing enough Saxons for a partial victory. Hengest appoints his son Aesc as wigfruma and regent of Kent, and buries Horsa.
  • Cabertin was born
  • Gracian was squired
  • Pascent was squired
  • Arnoullant was knighted
  • Corneus was knighted
  • Gaudifier was knighted
  • Vortimer was knighted

457 Battle of Kent Battle-of-Kent.jpg
  • King Vortigern defeats the rebels of Kent with the aid of Hengest and Horsa.
  • The Pictish Chieftain Drust mac Erp dies, leaving the united Picts in disarray.
  • Cadwallon, Edern, Bryn, and Ceiwyn fights in the Battle of Kent together with their Lord Robyn.
  • Battle of Rebel's Crush in Kent
  • Horsa died
  • Amig was squired
  • Bodwyn was squired
  • Goreau was squired
  • Sadinal was squired
  • Caradoc was knighted
  • Heliandor was knighted
  • Uther was knighted

460 The Rules of Hospitality Rules-of-hospitality.jpg

461 The Lost Legion Lost-legion.jpg

462 The White Dragon Roars Londinium-clash.jpg

463 A Dawn Will Come The-coming-dawn.png

464 The Fatherless Boy Blankadventure.png
  • Britons flee to Brittany because of Vortigerns plunder and tributes.
  • In Ireland, St. Patrick converts the high king to Christianity.
  • Vortigern escapes to his lands in Cambria where he begins construction of the impregnable Tower of Genoreu but each days work is destroyed by the next morning.
  • Wise men tell Vortigern that he must sprinkle the blood of a fatherless boy on the foundation stones. The search for the fatherless boy begins.
  • Llylla was born
  • Morcant was born
  • Ygraine was born
  • Bassianus was squired
  • Brastias was squired
  • Segurant was squired
  • Sulien was squired
  • Carac was knighted
  • Elad was knighted

465 Wipped After-the-battle.jpg
  • Southeasterners, led by the Cantiacii, battle Hengest and Aesc at Wippedesfleot. Four thousand Britons die, destroying the Cantiacii, while the Saxons lose only ninety-odd ceorls and a thegn, Wipped, for whom the place was named.
  • Battle of Wippedesfleot
  • Alain was born
  • Ansgar was born
  • Ederyn was born
  • Jonathel was born
  • Marigold was born
  • Nentres was born
  • Ivoire died
  • Leo was squired
  • Leodegrance was squired
  • Roderick was squired

466 Red Dragon Roars Isca.jpg
  • The fatherless boy is found: Myrdinn Emrys. He predicts that Aurelius and Uther, the sons of Constantin, will invade this year.
  • Aurelius and Uther land in Cornwall with 10,000 Armoricans, Occitanians, and Britons. Vortigern leads the Saxons to a great battle at lsca Dumnoniorum – then flees, leaving the Saxons to be defeated.
  • Aurelius Ambrosius begins taking oaths of fealty and knighting warriors from his armies.
  • Amig and Elad is knighted by Aurelius himself for their bravery in the battle.
  • All across the land, discontented nobles muster their armies and join Aurelius.
  • Vortigern seeks to escape, but his Saxon allies go back home to Kent, and many other allies desert him.
  • Battle of Isca Dumnoniorum
  • Rosalyn was born
  • Robyn died
  • Argan was squired
  • Cerdic was squired
  • Do de Carduel was squired
  • Brychan was knighted
  • Hywel was knighted
  • Nanteleod was knighted

467 The Pendragon age begins Blankadventure.png
  • After besieging a portion of Vortigern’s army at Carlion, Aurelius Ambrosius marches through the entire island, accepting the submission of those loyal to Vortigern.
  • Vortigern flees to Genoreu.
  • Arian was born
  • Ellen was born
  • Felix was born
  • Lot was born
  • Blains was squired
  • Cador was squired
  • Richard was squired
  • Ulfius was squired

468 Hand me that meat whelp! Blankadventure.png
  • Cadry ap Cadwallon, Gamond ap Edern, Maelgwyn ap Ceiwyn and Melkin of Marwth begin training as pages, they spend part of the year serving the lords of Sarum.
  • Jaradan was squired
  • Minodalis was squired
  • Minodos was squired
  • Owain was knighted

469 The impregnable tower? Conigs.jpg
  • Vortigern dies from a fire within his tower.
  • Ulfius is knighted only 17 years old in Silchester, he receives all his father’s lands. And is given the title of Duke since is supposedly is good friends with Aurelius
  • Aurelius divides the country into defensive dukedoms (dux militium) based on old roman titles and newer additions.
  • Count Eldol of Glevum and Duke Gorlois of Cornwall drag Hengest from his heorthwerod and kill him.
  • Battle of Conigsborough
  • Battle of Maisbeli
  • Siege of Snowdon
  • Basile was born
  • Canet was born
  • Dwyn was born
  • Mark was born
  • Hengest died
  • Rowena died
  • Vortigern died
  • Canuc was knighted
  • Moneval was knighted

470 Stealing the Giants Ring Blankadventure.png
  • Merlin and Uther invade Ireland and steal the Giant’s Ring from Cill Dara, embarrassing King Cillomanius (the Ui Cennsealaigh founder, Eanna Cennsealaigh).
  • Merlin uses magic and merges the Giant’s Ring with Stonehenge on the site of the Long Knives massacre.
  • Aurelius starts placing his Armoricans in empty lands as feudal vassals.
  • Aeron was born
  • Dewi was born
  • Pellinore was born
  • Edaris was squired
  • Meliodas was squired
  • Uriens was squired
  • Æsc was squired
  • Bassianus was knighted
  • Brastias was knighted
  • Segurant was knighted
  • Sulien was knighted

471 More Saxons arrive Blankadventure.png
  • Many Saxons come over from the Continent and settle in Kent under their king Aesc.
  • Roderick of Sarum is knighted in a big ceremony. He is immediately given the title of Count and swears loyalty to Aurelius.
  • Aereus was born
  • Cabertin was squired
  • Leo was knighted
  • Leodegrance was knighted
  • Roderick was knighted

473 Defeated! Appledore.jpg
  • Aesc lands in Kent with an army of continental Saxons. He defeats Aurelius at the Battle of Appledore and is acknowledged King of Kent. Aesc invites more Saxons to Kent, solidifying his power. Aurelius begins building forts on the Saxon-British border.
  • Battle of Appledore
  • Mati was born
  • Pertoines was born
  • Blains was knighted
  • Cador was knighted
  • Richard was knighted
  • Ulfius was knighted

474 Saxon pillaging Blankadventure.png
  • The Saxons of Kent roam and pillage the land.
  • Cadry ap Cadwallon, Gamond ap Edern, Maelgwyn ap Ceiwyn and Melkin of Marwth begin training as squires in Vagon. To repay an old debt. Amig takes on Cadry and Melkin and Elad takes on Gammond and Maelgwyn.
  • Beleus was born
  • Marion was born
  • Supera was born
  • Clement was squired
  • Madoc was squired
  • Jaradan was knighted
  • Minodalis was knighted
  • Minodos was knighted

476 The Roman Empire Falls Blankadventure.png

477 Suth Seaxe Cymensora.jpg
  • Saxons led by Aelle and his sons land at Cymensora and seize the Regnenses lands. Regnenses exiles crowd the Belgae and Atrebates, or vanish into the Andredesweald.
  • Many of the peasants flee, but others are captured and enslaved. Ælle renames the land Suth Seaxe.
  • Aurelius Ambrosius marches with his army to oppose the foe, who is reinforced at the last moment by the Saxons from Kent. Ambrosius is lucky to escape with his army. The Saxons remain.
  • Battle of Cymensora
  • Fferyll was born
  • Ffinan was born
  • Fflergant was born
  • Margawse was born
  • Padern was born
  • Cabertin was knighted

478 Suth Seaxe as vassals Blankadventure.png
  • Aurelius grudgingly acknowledges Aelle’s ownership of the Regnenses civitas, appointing him vassal-king of the Suth Seaxe.
  • Bege was born
  • Æscwine was born
  • Roger was squired

479 The British Channel contended The-channel.jpg

480 A New Beginning... Aurelius-poisoned.jpg

481 Disaster at the Court Disaster-at-the-court.jpg

482 Wielding the Blade Knighting-of-the-crow-boys.jpg

483 Of Feuds and Family Feuds-and-family.jpg

484 First Blood Loathly-lady.jpg

485 Diversion Mearcred-creek.jpg

486 Call of the Crow Redcap.png

487 The Sword of Victory Sword-feast.jpg

488 The Bandit Camp Modron bandits notext.png

489 Peace in our Time Excaliburs-peace.jpg

490 Noblesse Oblige Battle-of-linden-pool.jpg
  • Three great armies come together under the dragon banner to defeat a saxon army of more than ten thousand men.
  • Duke Gorlois of Cornwall brakes the king’s Hospitality and uses winter magic to hide from justice.
  • Sir Melkin finally returns from his visit in Brittany. Only to face hard and cold times.
  • Sir Brastias refuses to betray the King’s hospitality, he becomes the new bodyguard.
  • Battle of Linden Pool
  • Adventure of Prisoner of Courtesy
  • Journal of Brangwen's story
  • Journal of Long awaited Homecoming
  • Eliezier died
  • Gorlois died
  • Madoc died
  • Llyr was squired
  • Basile was knighted
  • Canet was knighted
  • Mark was knighted

491 Sweet Vengance - Sour Love Uthers-wedding.jpg

492 The Second Call of the Crow Merlinchild.jpg

493 Trouble at the Lake Deceitful-faerie.png

494 The Mountain-men Canan.jpg
  • Lord Roderick of Sarum sends his knights in secret to King Canan of the Mountains to gain an alliance.
  • Octa and Eosa gathers an army in the north.
  • Duke Eldol the Ancient dies of old age, much to the celebration of his grandson and great grandson who begin fighting immediately.
  • The Crows in the Sarum cathedral tower begin circling.
  • A large fire almost spread through London this spring, it was stopped just in time.
  • Nineve, a lady of the lake, is present to tend to the king, she keeps knights from announcing the news about the Saxons to the king.
  • The King seduced a young Lady called Dyagenne, presumably since Ygraine is rejecting him. The Lady’s husband, the great Constable Sir Argan ap Maelgad, defeated Uther in a duel! He ransomed the King’s life for a castle. He’s calling it “Uther’s shame”.
  • Adventure of The Embassy to Estragales
  • Journal of The Crow and the Raven
  • Journal of The Death of Innocence
  • Journal of May it be like a cloak wrapped about him
  • Ronnevall was born
  • Talia was born
  • Cerys died
  • Eldol died
  • Talia died

495 Daylight's End Battle-of-st-albans.jpg

496 Between a rock… Meeting-cerdic.png

497 ...and a hard place Castle-deep.png

498 Vortigern's Arm The Green Isle Mount-snowdon.png
  • The old tower up in the mountains of Cambria is haunted, and some knights tries to bring an old family tragedy to close.
  • King Idres conquers Ascalon.
  • The “Duke” of Glevum (Heli) swears allegiance to Escavalon.
  • Lady Ellen sends knights to fight as mercenaries for King Nanteleod against Irish Kerns.
  • The Count of Huntington pays homage to the King of Essex.
  • The war in Cornwall is a success for King Idres. The army of Ascalon is outclassed and takes refuge in the city of Exeter, which is besieged.
  • Journal of The missing knights
  • Journal of Alea iacta est
  • Journal of Mingling bloodlines
  • Adventure of Mount Snowdon
  • Adventure of The Green Island
  • Erudice was born
  • Ren was squired
  • Fferyll was knighted
  • Ffinan was knighted
  • Fflergant was knighted
  • Mabsant was knighted

499 Knowing your place Three-ladies.png

500 Madness takes hold Mad-man.jpg
  • In mid-spring, a huge fleet of Saxons appears off the Caercolun coast. It sails to the Yar River and a horde goes ashore to sack Yarmouth. They re-embark and sail upriver only to disembark again near Norwich.
  • Caercolun marches their armies to battle, but the Saxons prove more numerous than expected, and the army is butchered.
  • they become thralls, or slaves, of the Saxons.
  • Cwichelm is the Saxon king. In fact, he and his people are not really Saxons at all, except in the generic sense. They are the Angles.
  • The Saxon paymaster tries to not pay any mercenary knights in his employ, claiming that they did not fight and thus deserve no pay. The knights argue vehemently, and Ælle finally makes his paymaster pay.
  • King Nanteleod of Escavalon wins a small battle against the king of Byrcheiniog and gains his vassalage.
  • King Nanteleod, with the newly allied hill men, marches west and attacks the Irish in their own kingdom of Estregales.
  • The Saxons assault Norwich, then starve out Buckenham and Thetford. They occupy those larger cities, and groups of Saxon warriors wander the countryside, robbing and killing. Thousands of refugees flee. When caught by Saxons, they are beaten and tied
  • King of Estregales is unprepared, but with his small household forces and local muster he fights a battle anyway, and is soundly defeated. Estregales swear vassalage to Nanteleod of Escavalon.
  • In Jutland, Froda usurps the throne of the Danes and drives the last Jutes and the Angles from what will become Denmark.
  • King Ælle’s Saxon warriors from Suth Seaxe and the Jutes of Kent clash, marching against each other and meeting in battle deep in the Perdue Forest.
  • Journal of The Brown Knight
  • Journal of The greatest swordfighter in Salisbury
  • Journal of This was a bad idea Meliodas!
  • Journal of Two young idiots
  • Adventure of The mad man in the Gaol
  • Brynach was squired
  • Kay was squired
  • Wyned was squired

501 “They were careless.” Coven.png
  • King Nanteleod challenges the Three Cadlews. Both of the kingdoms in southern Gales and also many of the mountain tribes are now under his rule.
  • Counts of Hartland and Huntland visits the counts and desperately seeks volunteers to help defend their counties “for the good of all Britain,” they say.
  • A small fleet of Saxons lands on the south coast, near Chichester, and takes over that city. The new chief, named Port, marches north
  • when he meets with the army of Cerdic, who is coming to see what has occurred, there is a battle — and Cerdic is defeated.
  • Cerdic agrees to give a couple of cities to Port, who renames one after himself: Portsmouth.
  • A small but determined band of Saxons breaks into the nunnery of Amesbury and tries to take Queen Ygraine.
  • Angles Conquer Huntland and Hartland.
  • The Cadlews are defeated and killed.
  • Morgan marries king Lot of Lothain.
  • King Meliodas of Lyoness is missing, and his pregnant wife runs into the forest trying to find him. She dies as she gives birth.
  • Journal of Dear Gamond
  • Adventure of Escorting Ninevh
  • Journal of Pride of the Tarrens
  • Journal of Cavern of the lost
  • Journal of A play
  • Journal of To chase a Knight, who is chasing a King, who is chasing a Beast
  • Areus was born
  • Cyn was squired
  • Fionnach was squired
  • Sarcyn was squired

502 What we do for Love Bleeding.jpg
  • King Ælle and the others challenge King of the Angles in his claim to be bretwalda.
  • King Nanteleod spends the summer maneuvering through Lambor and Bedegraine, accepting the surrender of cities and besieging castles. The Duke of Lindsey, with his army nearby, does not engage.
  • Adventure of Rydychan Usurpers
  • Adventure of Jenna's Betrothal
  • Journal of Wine Philosophers
  • Journal of The good old days
  • Galegantis was born
  • Tristram was born

503 We are the Bannermen Battle of londinuym.png
  • King Aesc of Kent and King Aethelswith of Est Seaxe both march out with their armies. They stop and besiege London, one army on each side of the river.
  • Ulfius is greatly outnumbered, and he hears that Saxon ships have sailed for Windsor to block his retreat. He fights a short battle, and then escapes with his army at night.
  • The Saxons besiege London, but although the Saxons normally don’t have siege equipment to break in, this time they do. They have hired Sir Helifer the Mercenary, who directs batteries and engineers, and even several mobs of desperate swordsmen to go up the ladders.
  • London surrenders to Sir Helifer and the Saxon lords, who thereupon enter and take possession of the city. The garrisons at both castles lock up tight.
  • The King of Malahaut marches south, joined by Elmet, and begins plundering Linden.
  • Nanteleod wins the day when Malahaut are crushed. It is a decisive victory.
  • King Nanteleod marches down the Trent, and three leaders meet outside of the city. Corneus plays it cagey, Malahaut is aggressive, and Nanteleod accepts the challenge and proposes that Linden Pool, with its duke and little army intact, be the prize of the battle between the kings.
  • Battle of The Two Kings
  • Siege of Thames Valley
  • Adventure of The Embassies of Wartime
  • Journal of Old Friends
  • Journal of The Beggar King
  • Journal of Autumn raids
  • Journal of Excerpt Cyn
  • Journal of Annals of Bede the Black Monk, a fragment from AD 503
  • Gwyllim died
  • Ciaran was squired
  • Dafi was squired
  • Jonaleth was squired

504 Sins of the Father Childerhall.jpg
  • The King of Somerset sends heralds to ask for help in fighting against King Idres.
  • King Idres continues his march of expansion. His army invades Somerset and besieges the city of Wells. After the necessary length of time holding out, it finally surrenders.
  • Adventure of Childerhall
  • Journal of The Feast
  • Gareth was born
  • Morfydd was born
  • Ywaine was born
  • Blains died
  • Sarcyn died
  • Bradwen was squired
  • Breichan was squired
  • Cavan was squired
  • Ren was knighted

505 United we stand Cambridge.jpg
  • Prince Cynric threatens Salisbury. He says that his father, King Cerdic, backed by the kings Port and Ælle, will destroy Salisbury this summer if the countess does not submit now to him and then send her troops to help him in battle.
  • King Cerdic marches north against Salisbury. With him is King Port, but Ælle is notably missing.
  • The countess orders her people to the safety of the castles and city, and orders her army inside. (She keeps all the footmen and siege equipment, and sends most of the knights northward to wait at Wandborough.) The Saxons burn and pillage everywhere, but find little to eat. They lay siege to Sarum.
  • King Nanteleod’s army moves south. It enters Wandborough, where the king welcomes the Salisbury knights to his army. They move south towards Sarum. King Cerdic raises the siege and marches north.
  • Nantleod gives a famous speech.
  • Aethelswith dies, succeeded by Aescwine.
  • Battle of Levcomagus Fields
  • Battle of Cambridge
  • Journal of Law of Moses
  • Adventure of The fall of Aethelswith
  • Journal of Sacrifice to the old gods
  • Journal of The mud-haired child
  • Journal of The Torrent
  • Battle of Royston in Hartland
  • Journal of One went north one stayed home
  • Journal of The Unending Battle
  • Violette was born
  • Victus died
  • Æthelswith died
  • Brynach was knighted
  • Yraen was knighted

506 The Birds and the Bees Harem.jpg
  • Nanteleod attacks King Idres of Cornwall. Their armies maneuver around in Summerland, but never engage. The King of Summerland emerges with his knights to help Nanteleod. Many castles surrender to their king, but others are already stocked with Cornishmen.
  • King Nanteleod has contacts the members of the Collegium to convince them to convene and elect him High King.
  • Bishop Roger is almost killed by the roof of the unfinished cathedral falling on his head. He loses an arm in the process but manages to survive thanks to the quick actions of Sir Maelgwyn.
  • Adventure of Pomponia's Truth
  • Adventure of The Royal Griffin
  • Journal of A dangerous seed
  • Journal of Respirare
  • Journal of There's no place like home
  • Rhowen was born
  • Tienyn died
  • Kay was knighted
  • Wyned was knighted

507 Oaths of Fealty Adwenslastsong2.jpg
  • The duke of Lindsey moves into the White Tower, the former royal castle.
  • Lady Ellen swears fealty to King Nanteleod.
  • Knight of Ribs kills several families in Imber. He is chased away by brave knights from Salisbury.
  • Duke Ulfius and Duke Corneus of Lindsey besieges London, whose citizens rise in rebellion against their Saxon occupiers. A fierce battle ensues, and London is liberated as the Saxon defenders flee across London Bridge.
  • King Nanteleod secretly marches from Cirencester to Mildenhall, then south to Sarum, then west through Selwood to Wells to meet the army of the King of Summerland, who had been hiding in the marsh. They besiege the castles and cities of Somerset and gain them all back again, but King Idres refuses to be drawn into battle.
  • A large number of raiding parties from West Seaxe roam through Salisbury. They are probably scouting for an invasion next year.
  • King Lot leads his Picts and Cymri to invade Cumbria and fight against The Centurion King (Malahaut). However, there was no large battle.
  • Adventure of Adwen's Last Song
  • Journal of The lackey hears it all
  • Journal of Father and Son
  • Journal of Vale Cicero
  • Journal of The value of loss
  • Journal of "Am I become Odysseus then?"
  • Mati died
  • Arthur was squired
  • Robert was squired
  • Cyn was knighted
  • Fionnach was knighted
  • Gwynn was knighted
  • Sarcyn was knighted

508 Deuteronomy 21:23 Hanging-tree-art.png

509 From Dusk till Dawn Dragon-moot.jpg

510 The First Tournament The Boy King Corahaise.jpg

511 Old Obligations A2d430d6f40d6237c7423d5c36b3c4aa.jpg