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By the winter fire 500


The Iron Tide still hammers the western part of Logres, and it seems that the walls of the Roman cities cannot last forever. The farmers are suffering and it’s uncertain if the alliance will hold. A semblance of court is still held in Salisbury, but the times are tough.

Duke Ulfius has taken up arms against the new Saxon invaders from the east, and it’s seems his alliance with King Aelle is crumbling quickly.

Gossip by the fireplace

“I do hope the countess sends the army to help Ulfius. We need to stop those new Saxons! Why are they always so powerful when they first land? Can’t they be stopped?”

“It’s magic, dearie, magic. They have evil gods. Before they land here, they sacrifice babies and virgins to their war god, then they walk all over our armies.”

“It was good for a bit there! Saxons killing Saxons. And Welsh and Irish killing Irish and Welsh.”

“Uh huh, but how long is that going to last? Surely some of them will be killed, but all the survivors are going to be in one army afterwards. We’ve been lucky enough to hold them off this long, but do you think that they’ll ask for tribute or alliance once they’re united? It’ll be all over.”

“Well, I’ll say they’re not really much different from us. What do you suppose King Idres is, a Frenchman? It’s just human nature for people to fight each other.”

“Listen, darlings, if she wants to be consoled by ‘human nature,’ let her.”

“Don’t you think it just keeps getting worse and worse, though? Do you think it will be better when the young count is knighted?”
- Gossiping ladies

Political conversation

“It seems these Saxons are growing even bolder. It’s not a good sign. I’m going to need good men this year, with swords and horses. Let’s teach these invaders whose land this is. ”
- Ulfius

Strategic conversation

“Saxons killing Saxons. Could anything be sweeter? Some good news! Does anyone have any advice on how to incite them even more? And Nanteleod is defeating the Irish! Didn’t I say he was a strong king? Should we get closer to him?”

“Of course, there also have to be those new Saxons crushing Caercolun.”


“Does anyone have news of the war in the north, against the Picts?”
- Brastias

County Court

“The tributes are getting ridiculous. King Aelle has openly threatened us, if we do not send 100 cattle, and hundreds in gold and silver he is threatening burning farmland and taking our women. It’s triple the normal demand of tribute. King Aesc is demanding double, and King Cerdic just demands simple tribute. We could pay it all if we squeeze the farmers even more, but many of my son’s men are growing restless.”
- Ellen

Hundred Court

“I miss my son. If he were alive today, he'd not accept all these silly tributes. It's not knightly. I'm telling you. Things better change soon.”
- Lilo