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Type: Non Player Character
Gender: Female
Religion: British Christian
Class: Countess
Level of fame: Notable
Distinctive features:
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Estate: Salisbury
County: Salisbury
Liege lord:
Form of address: Your Ladyship
Colloquial address: Your Ladyship Salisbury
Formal address: The Right Honorable Countess Ellen of Salisbury of House The Rock.
Known for
House: The Rock
Former husbands:
Sons (0):
Daughters (0):
Culture: [[]]
Age category: Adult
Born: 467 A.D.
Birthcounty: Silchester
Barry azure and or
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~ Notable Countess ~

Countess Ellen

Ellen is a Notable Cymric Countess from Salisbury. She currently has no lord.

She is the daughter of Gwylon and Anna. She is unmarried. She has no sons or daughters.

She is Expression error: Unexpected < operator. years old and lives in Salisbury.


Lady Ellen is the daughter of Baron Gwylon, a rich baron who died in the Battle of Salisbury in 480. She was the ward of King Uther, as is customary by law. In 483, she married Count Roderick of the Rock. She bore him two children before his untimely death.

Ellen is the only surviving child of her father, making her the heiress of extensive lands in Salisbury (Barehill, Chiefsfield and Anna’s Water) and various manors in Logres.

As a young girl she eshewed finery and excess.

She is currently serving as a of Salisbury until her son has grown of age.

Older character pictures

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“Both King Ælle of Suth Seaxe and Aethelswith of Essex have offered generous terms for us if we send just fifteen knights to help them in their war. They both also offer a promise that they will protect us from the other Saxons if we do this. If we don’t, double tribute is required. AElle in particular has threatened us with pillaging if we don’t agree. I assume he is angry that we sent knights to his rival. “King Cerdic has also, once again, demanded tribute from us.”
- 499

“The tributes are getting ridiculous. King Aelle has openly threatened us, if we do not send 100 cattle, and hundreds in gold and silver he is threatening burning farmland and taking our women. It’s triple the normal demand of tribute. King Aesc is demanding double, and King Cerdic just demands simple tribute. We could pay it all if we squeeze the farmers even more, but many of my son’s men are growing restless.”
- 500


480: Visited Sarum during the Disastrous Feast. She didn’t notice the chaos or at least didn’t show any miscontent. Ate the cursed meat.

483: Married Count Roderick of the Rock

484: Gave birth to Jenna.

492: Gave birth to Robert.

495: Widowed. Took a tentative control of her late husband's holdings.