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Type: Non Player Character
Gender: Male
Religion: British Christian
Class: Count
Level of fame: Notable
Distinctive features:
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Estate: The Rock
County: Salisbury
Liege lord: Uther
Form of address: Your Lordship
Colloquial address: Your Lordship The Rock
Formal address: The Right Honorable Count Roderick of The Rock of House The Rock. Baron of the Castle of the Rock, Castle of the Borders, Castle of the Ford of the Roe Deer, Castle of the Kingstown of Hartland, Cockfield, Wildspring, and other lands of note.
Known for
House: The Rock
Current wife: Ellen
Sons (0):
Daughters (0):
Culture: [[]]
Age category: Adult
Born: 450 A.D.
Squired: 465 A.D.
Knighted: 471 A.D.
Birthcounty: Salisbury
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~ Notable Count ~

Count Roderick of the Rock

Roderick is a Notable Cymric Count from Salisbury. He currently serves Uther.

He is the son of Robyn and Maria. He is married to Ellen. He has no sons or daughters.

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Lord Roderick has grown up in a Salisbury without strong old men, and has gotten a stiff back as a result. He knows the importance of defence and is always watchful against treachery. He hates saxons with a passion like most other people in Salisbury, but he has a certain cold calculated tactic around it.

He is clever, careful and honest. Like his father, he is known to trust only his closest advisors, although he listens to most. He is fiercely loyal to the King and fought with him in many battles. As a reward for his great deeds, he was given the title of Count.


Baron of the Castle of the Rock (Salisbury), Baron of Borders Castle (Salisbury), Baron of DuPlain Castle (Salisbury), Baron of Vagon Castle (Salisbury), Baron of the Castle at the Ford of the Roe Deer (Thamesmouth), Baron of Kingstown (Hartland), Lord of Cockfield (Caercolun), Lord of Wildmound (Caerwent).


Roderick of The Rock was married to Ellen, and had two children. His eldest child Jenna is married to Alain of Cornwall, and his son is due to inherit when he becomes older.


Domesday book
By the sovereign rights granted to us through virtue of blood, tradition and possession of the Pendragon Banner, we, King Uther Pendragon, son of High King Constantine, do recognize by right since Time Immemorial that Sir Roderick, the son of Count Robyn called the Grand Knight, is the Right Honorable Count of Salisbury, with the right to the hundred court of all the lands there in save for those held by us or previously granted to others; and furthermore the honorable Count also holds seisin from Time Immemorial of the Ancient Honour of Sorviodunum, called Castle of the Rock, including the rights of the hundred court and the county court, to wit: the hundreds of Vagon, Roedeer, Hillfort, Bran’s Hill, Dovesfield, Birchford, Underditch, and the Thorngate; including the castles of Castle on the Rock and the Castle of the Borders and DuPlain and Vagon with all royal privileges retained; and also all rights to the Liberties of the Forest for the Forest of the Trench and the Forest of Gloom for the portions wherein the King of Summerland lodges no protest; and also as part ofthis Ancient Honour, the Hundredal Lordship of Baden’s Mound and Blackstream in Caercolun; Claytown in Tribruit, along with the hundred and courts therein; and also by inheritance the hundred of Elmstump by right of farm for the annual price of £15, and also that of Wildmound in Caerwent for the annual price of £20.21 Also, we recognize the claim of all rights including regal rights to the free manor of Ebble. In return for this recognition the good friend our count agrees to supply upon demand, for service inside or outside of our kingdom, the service for sixty days of seventy knights and 140 Foot Soldiers.

In addition, we recognize our good knight Sir Roderick to be, through inheritance from his father, from Time Immemorial, Elector of the Supreme Collegium for the Ancient City of Sorviodunum, bearing with that office the sacred responsibility of one vote for selecting the Emperor of Britain; and holding in recognition of the high dignity of this office, the hundreds of Alder in Salisbury, Cattlelake in Caercolun and Kingstown West in Ascalon; the Estates of Bayford in Hartland, Elmbridge in Berroc with its attendant hundred, and Cockfield in Baden’s Mound Hundred, Caercolun. The Elector shall provide thirty knights and sixty foot troops, all armed in the latest manner and with uniforms appropriate to the office.

In addition, we acknowledge our good and obedient Vassal to hold by barony, through inheritance from the marriage of his esteemed father and most worthy mother, Lordship of the Castle of the Ford of the Roe Deer in Thamesmouth, and also Hundred Lord of Rockstown in Ascalon, Highhome in Tribruit, with diverse manors attached, for the service of twenty knights and forty footsoldiers.

In addition, in recognition for deeds done for us, held by barony, our friend Lord Sir Roderick does hold Kingstown Castle in Hartland with Landstrip hundred and its outliers, and the hundreds of Midford in Caerwent and Studfold in Rydychan, all for the duration of his life. for the service of fourteen knights and footmen armed with spear, shield, shortsword and helm. And, we recognize the rights and seisen by our loyal Count, by virtue of recent conquest, to the lands of Wheelwell and Westfort, with a debt of service of ten knights and twenty men armed with spear and shield and iron helm.

Additionally by virtue of marriage, we recognize the rights and seizen by our knight and his heirs to the hundred of Anna’s Water and Barehill in Salisbury, and also Chiefsfield and other diverse manors attached thereto. for the service of thirteen knights and thirty Foot Soldiers

These rights are granted in full faith and completion, but in every case excluding those parcels that are legitimately held by other vassals of ours, or by legitimate vassals of theirs, and therefore to this charter we set our seal in trust and affection.