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The Hundred of Vagon

County: Salisbury
Ruler: Ellen
Heir apparent: Robert
Tenure: [[Tenure#By |]]
Estate: The Rock
Sheriff: None
Bailiff: Illiard
Blazon: [[Vagon#Heraldry|]]

Vagon hundred was granted to Salisbury as part of the original Honour of Sarum Upon the Rock. It has since ancient times been more or less wholly held by the descendants of Gweir, an ancient hero who was the first of the locals to swear loyalty to Salis and raise up against their former overlords. The hundred stretches in a wide arch and encompasses most of the iron-bogs of salisbury. The inhabitants are a bit eccentric. Hundred court is held at Highmeet.

Two castles can be found in the hundred. Vagon Castle who traditionally is the "military" headquarters of Salisbury and home of the combined Castellan and Marshal position. As well as the training-grounds for new squires and archers. The second castle is Woodhouse, a former royal castle now taken over by a spriggan.

Places of note

Manors in the hundred

  • Chittern Anstey
  • Boyton
  • Codford
  • Corton
  • Fisherton
  • Sherrington
  • Sutton Veny
  • Tytherington