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The County of Thamesmouth


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Continent: Britain
Country: Est Seaxe
Dominant lord: Quintus
Heir to dominant lord: N/A
Sheriff: N/A
Military power: 4 4
Political power: 2 2
Attitude: -4 -4
Regional stats
Traits: Trust (Silchester)
Passions: Hate (Saxons)
Argent a Cross Gules in the first quarter a Sword in pale point upwards of the last.

After a long struggle the city of London gave up and invited their Saxon invaders.

Thamesmouth is a county in the kingdom of Est Seaxe.

Thamesmouth is a county of Logres with close ties to the biggest city of Logres, Londinum. It’s rich with farmland and hills but is still much rooted in it’s old roman ways. Parts of the county has been taken over by Saxons but they have no way to come close to taking over Londinium who still stands strong. Much of the older Roman ways are still dominant in the county, which i still run mostly as a Latifunda, run by the senate of Londium. The county still uses slaves for much of its labour force but the inhabitants would not think to change their ways.

The county was in a close alliance with Duke Ulfius, who promised protection of the land in exchange for good trade-deals and future favours if there ever is to become new king of Britain. Duke Ulfius has claimed that there would be no Britain, without Londinum. Unfortunately, it was not enough.


  • Londinium – The largest city in Logres and it’s home to the biggest markets in the land. The city is ruled by a Roman senate and stands strong with some of the best kept Roman defences in the land."