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The County of Wuerensis


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Continent: Britain
Country: Logres
Dominant lord: Edelin
Heir to dominant lord: N/A
Sheriff: N/A
Military power: 4 4
Political power: 2 2
Attitude: N/A N/A
Regional stats
Traits: Suspicious of religious fanatics
Passions: Hate (Cambrians)
Gules, a saltire Argent

Wuerensis is a county in the kingdom of Logres.

The county of Wuerensis is a rather split county of Logres with many differant lords and masters. Lord Edelin is the strongest of them by just by a slim margin and the county has no united front. They are currently glancing at their arch-enemies in Cambria, looking to see if there is a potential united alliance to have with King Nanteleod whom they have a strange admirance of. The county is a combination of wetland and forests and not very rich.