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Continent: Britain
Country: Logres
Dominant lord: Tegfan
Heir to dominant lord: Madern
Sheriff: N/A
Military power: 4 4
Political power: 4 4
Attitude: 6 6
Regional stats
Passions: Hate (Cornishmen)
Azure, a Sagittauri Or

Jagent is a county in the kingdom of Logres.

Once the eastern county of the Duchy of Cornwall, Jagent has become an independent county following the death of Duke Gorlois. Lord Tegfan (Roman, Roman Christian) rules over this land with an iron fist, trying to preserve old Roman ways and to reclaim Summerland, which once in ancient time he believes answered to his family. His family served Gorlois back in the day, but now rule much of the county as an independent entity.

The county is heavily threatened by the military might of Cornwall, but belives it can stand against the tide.