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Type: Non Player Character
Gender: Male
Religion: British Christian
Class: Commoner
Level of fame: Unproven
Distinctive features: Innocent eyes
Current age: Expression error: Unexpected < operator."Expression error: Unexpected < operator." is not a number. (as of 500A.D.)
County: Salisbury
Liege lord: Cadry
Form of address:
Colloquial address:
Formal address: Guilaumme .
Known for
  • Deception
  • Loyalty (Cadry)
  • Dagger
  • Intrigue
Culture: [[Aquitanian]]
Age category: Adult
Born: 461 A.D.
Birthcounty: Aquitania

~ Unproven Commoner ~


Guilaumme is a Unproven Aquitanian Commoner from Salisbury. He currently serves Cadry.

He is the son of an unknown man and an unknown woman. He is unmarried. He has no sons or daughters.

He is Expression error: Unexpected < operator. years old and lives in Salisbury.


Guilaumme and his sister Alora had been taken prisoners when accompanying their lord Sir Bellamy on his journey to Jagent. It is unclear what Sir Bellamy was doing so far away from home but he took his purpose with him to his grave when he was tortured to death by the Knight of Ribs. Guilaumme and his sister despaired and thought that they would meet their end at the hands of the bandits. Luckily for them Cadry ap Cadwallon, Melkin of Marwth, Maelgwyn, the Lonely and Gamond ap Edern attacked the banditcamp in Willowbranch and slew most of the inhabitants whilst setting free the surviving prisoners. Sir Cadry even offered Guilaumme a place at his manor without even knowing anything about the man.

Guilaumme would do anything to ensure his new masters well-being and fortune even going so far as to do things in the shadows that his lord wouldn’t condone if he knew about them.