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Name: Ludwell
Other names: Heartvale
Holder: Cyn
Steward: Bodwyn
Hundred: Hillfort (Salisbury)
Great hall: Small Stone Hall
Defensive value: 3 3
Defenses: Tile roof
Buildings: Mill, Bakery, Dovecote, Personal Kennel, Personal Blacksmith, Personal Armoury, Stables
Enhancements: Chapel, Romantic Grove
Investments: Horse Herd, Orchard
Rights: Hunting rights
Surrounding area
Villages: Forestwatch
Notable features: Good hunting grounds
Income (to manor)
Total annual income: £21
From farmland: £11
From sheep-herds: £5
From other: £0
Old investments: £5
Income (additional)
Current investments: £0
Free military income: £0
Free court income: £0
Expenses (Revenue)
Discretionary fund: £2.1
Family expenses: £2.1
Army expenses: £11.55 (11.55 + 0)
Court expenses: £5.25 (5.25 + 0)
Expenses (Assized Rent)
Household staff: £10.5
Manorial staff: £5.25
Raw materials: £5.25
Annual glory gained: 36
From manor: 21
From decorations: 2
From furniture: 1
From treasure:
From enhancements: 9
From other: 3
Standard of living: £8.1 (Ordinary)

Ludwell is a growing manorial area, placed near the fine hunting-grounds of Modron’s forest. Part of the manor is a parcel of land in southeastern Glevum, where sheep graze among the hills. Originally a hunting-cabin for the Lord of the Rock it is now expanded to serve as a manor for its Lord. The nearby village is unusually large for a manorial village, and runs the risk of loosing inhabitants if not more hamlets are built.

Deep in the forest lies a beautiful grove of flowers. It is said to bloom even into the autumn some years. Many young lovers escape into the forest to find it.

In 483 Gamond ap Edern planted the first bloom of the wild grove cherries in a large orchard, surrounding a large core of them with cherries imported from Lyonesse and Cornwall.

The orchard was badly damaged in a raid AD 503, as the Saxons rampaged through it. The heart of the orchard, an old tree marked by a stone circle, was burnt and destroyed.

As of yet, the wild cherries have not become good enough to make anything of. When Cyn of Ludwell returned in 510 he immediately set upon an adventure, to bring the heart of the wild back into the orchard. He found his way by paths obscure and forgotten years ago. By some instinct he reached the grove, the clearing, choked by gnarled vines and brambles, yet glowing green colourful despite autumns chill. By the light of the full moon and the soft glow of fireflies by the hundreds, he saw the marble statues (of Gamonds and Anwyns first meeting) and benches left by his father.

Within the briar garden both he and his squire shed blood on the thorns. Cyn bled on Anwyns statue, and by her feet new growth of the wild cherries, a small tree strong enough carry leaves despite the season. His Squire maddeg found a Saxon axe, and following old tracks found his way to the hundred court.

Unlike most other manors, the fields are enclosed by verdant hedges, lending the manor the air of an idyllic daydream. Once upon a time, when the heartblade still graced the wall of the manor, this land was known by another, more fitting name. Heartvale.

Mesnie (£11.55)

lord 1 Lord Knight (Cyn) (£3)
squire 1 Squire (£1)
archer 1 Bowman (garrison) (£0.5)
spearmanspearmanspearmanspearmanspearmanspearmanspearmanspearman 8 Spearmen (£4)
sergeant 1 Cavalryman (£2)
sergeant 1 Hobilar (£1)

Court (£5.25)

steward 1 Steward (Bodwyn) (£1)
maid 1 Ladies maid (£0.5)
girl 1 Young ladies maid (£0.25)
chaplain 1 Chaplain (£1)
physician 1 Physician (£2)
• Foot soldier's officer's pay bonus (£0.5)

Family (£2.1)

• Added to standard of living (£2.1)

Household Staff (£10.5)

Overseen by Lady Wife
cooklabourerboyboy 1 Cook, 1 Kitchener and 2 Scullions (£1.75)
domesticdomestic 2 Clothiers (£1)
archerdogboy 1 Huntsman, 1 Dog boy and pack (£1.5)
groomgroomgroomgroom 4 Grooms (£1)
lackeylackey 2 Lackeys (£0.5)
maiddomesticdomesticdomesticdomestic1 Housekeeper and 4 Domestics (£1.5)
messenger 1 Mounted messenger (£0.5)
cartcart 2 Cart and Team with oxen (£2)
sumptersumptersumpter 3 Extra sumpters (£0.75)

Manorial Staff (£5.25)

Reports to Bailiff
bailiffbailiff 2 Bailiffs (£1.5)
domesticdomestic 2 Clothier (Bailiffs' wives) (£1)
domesticdomesticdomestic 3 Domestics (£0.75)
stablerlabourer 1 Stabler, 1 Grooms (£1)
labourerlabourerlabourerlabourer 4 Labourers (£1)

Constabulary Herd

chargercharger 2 Chargers
rouncyrouncyrouncyrouncyrouncyrouncyrouncyrouncy 8 Rouncys
sumptersumptersumptersumpter 4 Sumpters
sumptersumptersumptersumptersumptersumptersumptersumptersumptersumpter 25 horses in training
• 50 Acres of land