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Type: Player Character
Player: AshFall
Gender: Male
Religion: British Christian
Class: Vassal Knight
Glory: 10901
Level of fame: Famous
Distinctive features:
Estate: Ludwell
County: Salisbury
Liege lord: Roderick
Death year: 495 A.D.
Age at time of death: 34
Form of address: Sir
Colloquial address: Sir Ludwell
Formal address: Sir Gamond of Ludwell of House Anarawd.
Known for
House: Anarawd
Family tree: []
Former wives:
Sons (0):
Daughters (0):
Culture: [[]]
Age category: Adult
Born: 461 A.D.
Squired: 476 A.D.
Knighted: 482 A.D.
Birthcounty: Salisbury
Gules, three cloak pins argent
Anarawd Shield Conquest.png

~ Famous Vassal Knight ~

Sir Gamond the Colossus

Gamond was a Famous Cymric Vassal Knight from Salisbury. He served Roderick at the time of his death.

He was the son of Edern and Lilo. He was unmarried. He has no sons or daughters.

He died in 495 A.D. He was 34 years old.


He watched his father die while he was still very young and was raised by his stepmother Lilo and his adoptive father Bodwin. He served as squire to Lord Elad, who abandoned his duties in 482 to hunt The Knight of Ribs. He was knighted by Count Salisbury that same year and came into his inheritance, Ludwell manor.


Sir Gamond had two squires, . Tarquin was lost to faerie in 493, taking Gamonds place to endure the displeasure of the Goblin king. Mabsant Served Gamond until his death and then went on to Serve Sir Padern.

In life Gamond gathered many followers, Berth his tutor, Haman a master Farrier and Gusg an eccentric orchardist from Lyonesse.

Personal stable

Sir Gamond has a standard knight's personal stable, but added King Pellinore of Gomerets excellent coarser to his stable in 492 (+15, extremely rare colour). He rides a charger to war. Both he and his squire rides a rouncy when travelling and they keep goods and equipment on a sumpter. This is apart from the horses kept at his estate. These horses are kept with him at all times.


Sir Gamond of house was married to Sioned and had several children.

He sired Byrne by his first wife Meneri (married 483), who died in childbirth 485. Byrne died of illness and depravation 485.

His second wife Nal (486) who died that same year neverthless birthed a healthy son, Cyn.

He married his third wife Tissa in 487, who died of complications of the womb together with the unborn child that same year.

Gamond refused to marry for many years, but finally married Sioned in 492. Sioned brought her Bastard son Mabsant into the marriage as well as a daughter, Tiwlip, from a previous marriage, Sioned birthed Gamonds daughter that year. She bore Gamond a son, Galen, in 495 who would never know his father.

He had a chaplain, Berth, that took care of his family's spiritual needs.


Sir Gamond has One swordsman, two spearmen and three footsoldiers as his mesnie and they, together with three lineagemen protect him and his family at all times. By ancient custom he also supplies one archer to Vagon Castle, to protect young squires in training.


461: Born when the birds first sang in Hillfort

463: Hiding behind his sister Lilian, watched his father die during the The Adventure of the The Coming Dawn

478: Suffers Glimpses of Memory, Became the squire of Lord Elad

480: Hunted and slew the Imber bear together with the Banner Sons. Participated in the Battle of Menevia. Meets Anwyn for the first time in the ancient Anarawd grove, saving her from death by a wound by carrying her to Forestwatch. A new bloom in the Anarawd line.

481: Struggled to avert disaster at the court of Salisbury in preparation of the feast of three maidens. Watched Maid Meneri mauled by her fellow handmaidens. Saves the Vagon stables from burning down due to the mysterious oil lamp. Struggles with questions of hate and love.

482: Partakes in the conquest of Summerland as a squire to Lord Elad, sees Uther agree with King Cadwy in the swampy wilderness of that land. Is knighted in the Knighting of the Crow Boys by Count Roderick of the Rock that autumn. Is made the subject of brigands laughter as the story of the wolf and the giant spreads.

483: Is gravely wounded by Saxons in an ambush on Count Roderick of the Rocks’ entourage on the road to the kings Eyre in Silchester. Discovers that he, and his Lords new wife Lady Ellen, are cursed by faerie meat and cannot beget children. Manages to reach the count with this news in time together with the Banner Sons. Marries Lady Meneri at his Lords insistance. After a winter and a day, takes Anwyn into his entourage.

484: Together with the bannersons is tasked with the protection of Lady Ellen, and bound to escort her to the loathly lady so that the curse of the surprise meat could be lifted. Guarded her wagon on the road to Malahaut, where the Saxons sprang the ambush at Eburacum. Anwyn is nearly killed, falling off her horse. Starts a new enterprise, finding the wild cherry grove os Modron and creating an orchard of flowers and bees.

Met with Merlin and followed the mysterious druid to Uther. Killed many drunk and surprised Saxons at the battle of Mt. Damen.

Successfully escorted Lady Ellen and Lady Brangwen to the loathly lady and was freed of the curse of the mystery meat, hoping that it would be enough to save the life of his wise and allow him to beget children.

Continued teaching Anwyn to fight and asked her to be his, in Heart and Family.

485: Gathered at Beroc with King uthers army to battle the Saxons, and came living out of the battle of Maercred creek. Carried his dying friend Cadry from the fighting to Duke Eldols chirurgeon, bargained for by Melkin. Cadry lay dead near an hour before he returned from the bridge of swords.

Spurned his stepfathers kin and their complaints at Gamonds treatment of him at The hundred court.

Found Ludwell raided by opportunistic Bandits, clashing with Maelgwyn over right to first question of prisoners. Maelgwyn levelled accusations of thievery or consorting with the brigands towards Anwyn, of which Gamond would have none. When confronted by lady Lilo on the issue of his stepfather was overcome with rage at his mother, and gave such harsh words that she and her entire family prepared to leave Ludwell. Came to his senses and apologized, taking back Bodwyn as Steward. That year was one of family and quarrels.

486: Participated in the hunt for the redcap in the adventure of the redcap and the bailiff. The oath of crows call the bannersons for the first time, prompting them to join Merlin in the Adventure of the sword lake. Gamonds relationship with Maelgwyn continues to worsen, the latters hard and careless words and suspicious nature stoking the rage in the former. Especially the two clash over Gamonds relation to Anwyn, who disappears from Forestwatch village during Gamonds absence.

That autumn is one of peace and penance, the Orchard in Ludwell shows its colour, blooming twice to the orchardists great joy. After the death of his own wife Maelgwyn has a change of heart, seeking out Gamond and forgiveness. The two spend the winter and spring reconciling at Ambrius Abbey.

488: Accompanied the Bannersons, Sir Meliodas and Sir Victus to find The Modron Bandits, determined to root them out once and for all after the previous autumns raiding. Followed the Brigands into Badger forest and attacked the camp after the squires found it. Together with Cadry battered the gate down and fought desperately to save Anwyns brother who was held hostage to force her to help the bandits. She chose not to fight by their side regardless, refusing to shoot Gamond when ordered. For a time Gamond had hope for the future, to escape the lodestone pull of the blade of hate and know some happiness in his life.

Argued bitterly with Maelgwyn in a moment of high passion, lashing out viciously at any suggestion of shackling the love of his life like a common criminal. His relationship with Maelgwyn would never recover.

Then came The Fall.

489: The year the long peace ended. Was brought to Sarum from Ambrosius Abbey, barely recovered from the madness that took him after Anwyns death that winter. Shorn of head and chin. Marched with Salisburys army to meet up with king Uthers army in Somerland. Marching on cornwall to chastise Gorlois for disobedience. Instead of a battle, sees the peace of Excalibur.

Follows Uthers army north to destroy saxon warbands instead. Beset by a deathwish, came upon Saxons on the way and did not defend himself, fell enraged when his enemies failed to slay him despite this and killed many. Beset by apathy, did not treat his relatively minor axe-wound after the skirmish.

Found a bright and curious bastard boy at the mysterious manor and took to his thirst for adventure and a better life. Took the energetic lad as a squire.

The wound in his side festered and turned evil, driving Gamond to deaths door. In a winter of Atonement and Accord Gamond wasted away and burned from within, leaving him gaunt and hollow, but filled with holy madness. Swore the religious wovs, adding that god willed his hand to destroy all Saxons in Britain.

490: Attended his brother Maelgwyns wedding to Lady Marion. Gathered with the Army at Sarum and travelled north with the largest host Britain has ever gathered to defeat the Saxons. Participated in the battle of Linden Pool. Together with his friends managed to take king Octas banner, once again earning the Bannersons epitaph.

Celebrated the joyous aftermath in the high hall, and had hope for future unification between Logres, Cornwall and the North. Saw Igraine for the first time, and was smitten. Spent the summer raiding and slaughtering Saxons with prince Madoc, man woman and child.

Attended the great honoured feast at Londinum as a guest of King Uther, with the bannersons nearly lynches a thief according to country customs, but is interrupted by the civitas representatives. Participates in the prisoner of courtesy and sees Nineveh spirit the count of Cornwall away.

Spends the autumn tending to his Orchard at Ludwell, and rebuffs a request to remarry from Count Roderick.

491: Met Lord Swallowcliffe, Morcant, at the late hundred court after a hard winter. Gathered with all the great nobles and the bannersons in the Kings army at Salisbury and marched west upon Cornwall. Participated in the burning of Cornwall. Elected to stay with the kings’ army with Sir Maelgwyn and Sir Morcant rather than going to Tintagle with Nerlin, Sir Cadry and Sir Melkin. Fought in the siege at Terrabille and rallied men to fight at Prince Madocs side. Was unable to save the Prince from death at Gorlois hand but together with sir Maelgwyn exacted vengeance and killed the duke.

Attended Madocs funeral at Stonehenge and King Uther’s wedding to the just widowed Igraine at Tintagle.

Accepted a duel to first fall offered by Melgwyn on the issue of Gamond remarrying. When Maelgwyn attempted to win by trickery, wearing his encorcelled belt that prevents any natural falling in combat, fell enraged and beat his brother bloody with his practice sword until he collapsed near death. Declaring the belt forfeit by trickery, took it and left chillmark in anger.

That winter at Christmas court, Count Roderick presses Gamond on the issue of marriage. Gamond at first refuses flatly, and nearly rebels when his count forces point. As emotions cool and his deep loyalty wins out, agrees to marry within seven years, needing time to mourn Anwyns loss.

492: Successful, by means of dumb luck, at hunting with falcons as he was introduced to Morcant by Lord Jaredan from Dinton. Fought a Nuckelavee to save Morcants squire Padern, Tudwalls son. A crow calls the Bannersons in the night.

Participated in the great wedding feast of Morgawse and Elaine, and sat at the high table with great Honour. Participated in the adventure of the Bodwin moor standoff. Was deceived by Merlin, and met Sir Pellinore on the trail of the questing beast, receiving his excellent horse in trade for his own.

Was tried for treason after unwittingly aiding Merlin in the kidnapping of Uthers son at the treason trial. Condemned Merlin for his treachery, and claimed to have been deceived. Gamonds letter to his absent son, long gone to Lyonesse, is finished after many years in the making, becoming a record of Gamond, father of Cyn. Counselled Sir Melkin of Marwth regarding the architect and the cook.

493: Helped the bannersons hunt down the invisible faerie creature at Tisbury and brought it captive to the north. Accompanied count Roderick northwards on his diplomatic mission to Malahaut, but diverged into Norgailes. Helped Morcant find his father Tudwall, who eked out his days as a hermit monk. Brought him back to the Counts justice.

Entered the faerie lake and decided to give the rebellious faerie a chance to show his strength. Was thwarted by his zealously hospitable companions. Suffered the faerie kings displeasure and was ordered to stay in Faerie at the kings pleasure. Asked Tarquin, the bright young boy, if he would stay in faerie in his stead, enjoying an endless feast.

That winter, left on a fools bloody errand to hurt the Saxons by any means necessary.

494: Attended the hanging of the escaped outlaws at Sarum and stepped forward to speak in Anwyns brothers defence before the support was kicked from under him. Fillied with his final promise to his beloved he fought a duel of justice against the Sheriffs champion and utterly dismembered him in a display never seen at the rock before that day. Anwyns brother and kin were allowed to return to Hantonne. Something of her would live on.

Rode to Carlion with the bannersons and met King Nanteleod and Prince Alain. Going to meet king Kanan of Wales on Rodericks behalf to speak of an Alliance. Is supremely bored of the long drawn diplomacy where the king procrastinates the process. Is present at Tenby castle when Kaqnan is poisoned by wine from a red cask. His great kingdom falls into chaos.

Follows the bannersons on a fools errand to see the birthplace of Merlin. Ambushed by overwhelming numbers of hillmen. Fights a to save Melkin and with the others manage to bring him gravely wounded to Carlion. Elects to ride home with news to Count Roderick rather than stay and wait for Melkins recovery.

All winter, was plagued by terrible dreams and premonitions of the crow and the raven.

495: The year uther was ill and the Saxons thronged Eburacum. Rode to war under Count Roderick of the rock on Uthers mission to end the Saxon threat once and for all. All of the armies of Logres were gathered. The north had fallen.

Along with the bannersons found the armies missing scouts in the forests of the northeast, and with them enlisted Ninevehs aid in rousing the nearly dead man to speak one last time. That information saved Logres from sacking, the Saxons had bypassed Uthers Army. Fought in the battle at the gates of St Albans, killing many berserkers. Tried to but failed to save Sir Morcant from a Saxon axe.

Fought in the battle of St Albans. When Count Roderick came under attack from Octa and fell off his horse he met king Octa himself in single combat, stalling him and trading equal blows for many long minutes. A stroke of the kings’ magical axe shattered Gamonds sword and the colossus fell. He vanished in the press of battle, could not receive aid for his wounds and knew no more of the fate of Logres. He had no final words to speak, for he had left them as a scroll. His contrary last words were read to lady Sioned at Ludwell by Tutor Berth, ensuring that Sioneds bastard son Mabsant would become a squire and commanding that his sword be placed in the grove of thorns. Gamond was buried with great honours at ludwell as the widowed countess Ellen personally restored the Anarawd family tomb and erected a stone effigy over the fallen colossus final resting place. His sword was reunited with Anwyns, placed in the thorn-garden of lovers’ grove. That autumn, Gamonds second son by Sioned, Galen was borne, conceived that spring before the battle.