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508 A.D.

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Deuteronomy 21:23

King Nanteleod sends words to all his banner-men and new allies. So that he once and for all can strike a decisive blow against the Saxons gathering under King Cerdic of Wessex. It was a bold and ambitious plan, and to the eye of Countess Ellen one that was risky, yet could pay off great rewards if it worked. The forces of Logres were for the most part willing to join up with Nanteleod to join – but not all.

The army met up outside Levcomagus and met the numerous Saxon troops in battle. The knights of Logres fought bravely and the battle seem like it could be won at any moment with heavy armored knights almost reaching the camp of the Saxon King. But at the last moment, King Idres arrives with his knights and falls into the unguarded flank of King Nanteleods camp causing the death of the King and his army to rout.

  • King Aelle launches a fake attack against London to lure of parts of Nanteleods army.
  • The King is dead, once again Anarchy rules Britain. Saxons raiders flood the countryside, pillage, plunder, rape and murder.

Deuteronomy 21:23, took place in 508 A.D. during the Anarchy Period and was played on 2017-09-24 in Växjö.

Game Master was Ikabodo.

SuspektApelsin played Maelgwyn, Arcas played Cadry, AshFall played Cynyr and Cyn, EllenMsbck played Ennis and Brynach and Skarpskytten played Padern.

Events that took place during 508 A.D.

During the year of 508 these adventures, battles or other events took place in the lives of the knights in the story.