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503 A.D.

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We are the Bannermen

The knights of Salisbury are sent north as envoys to King Nanteleod; ordered to grovel and smooth over the unspeakable tragedy of Maid Jenna the year before. On their way they stay a night in the manor of King Leodegrance to deliver a message from Lady Ellen.

Arriving outside of Linden they find king Nanteleod engaged with the Centurion King of Malahaut and through the recklessness of Sir Maelgwyn they enter a hard-fought battle.

  • King Aesc of Kent and King Aethelswith of Est Seaxe both march out with their armies. They stop and besiege London, one army on each side of the river.
  • Ulfius is greatly outnumbered, and he hears that Saxon ships have sailed for Windsor to block his retreat. He fights a short battle, and then escapes with his army at night.
  • The Saxons besiege London, but although the Saxons normally don’t have siege equipment to break in, this time they do. They have hired Sir Helifer the Mercenary, who directs batteries and engineers, and even several mobs of desperate swordsmen to go up the ladders.
  • London surrenders to Sir Helifer and the Saxon lords, who thereupon enter and take possession of the city. The garrisons at both castles lock up tight.
  • The King of Malahaut marches south, joined by Elmet, and begins plundering Linden.
  • King Nanteleod marches down the Trent, and three leaders meet outside of the city. Corneus plays it cagey, Malahaut is aggressive, and Nanteleod accepts the challenge and proposes that Linden Pool, with its duke and little army intact, be the prize of the battle between the kings.
  • Nanteleod wins the day when Malahaut are crushed. It is a decisive victory.

We are the Bannermen, took place in 503 A.D. during the Anarchy Period and was played on 2017-07-15 in Malmö.

Game Master was Ikabodo.

SuspektApelsin played Maelgwyn, Arcas played Cadry, AshFall played Cynyr, EllenMsbck played Ennis and Skarpskytten played Padern.

Events that took place during 503 A.D.

During the year of 503 these adventures, battles or other events took place in the lives of the knights in the story.

Player Journals from 503 A.D.

Every year the players write their own stories of what happens around their characters. Most of the stories revolve around the characters lives in autumn and winter.

By the winter fire 503 A.D.

Twice a year the courts of Logres gather to discuss law, war, politics and gossip. Here is a list of quotes that can be gathered at these events.

By the winter fire
Conversation & Quotes 503 a.d.

In the shadows

Rumours & Intrigue 503 a.d.


In the solar

Trends & Fashion 503 a.d.