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501 A.D.

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“They were careless.”

After a surprising attempt on the former Queen's life, much of the crumbling parts of Logres is in uproar. As many knights had a great love for her many has started raising voices to avenge the attack and start uniting the country under a new king. But politics are not as easy, and several great barons has made claim that they could be the one to unite the counties.

Meanwhile, the Lady of the Lake, Lady Ninevh, has travelled to Sauvage forest to perform ancient rituals that some claim makes a difference in matters to come. The great knight Sir Maelgwyn is freed from his capture at the hands of the Wallingford usurpers and Salisbury is making plans to use their new alliance to turn the tide.

At the end of the year, the Anarawd receive a surprising letter from the King of Lyonesse, not all hope is lost.

  • King Nanteleod challenges the Three Cadlews. Both of the kingdoms in southern Gales and also many of the mountain tribes are now under his rule.
  • Counts of Hartland and Huntland visits the counts and desperately seeks volunteers to help defend their counties “for the good of all Britain,” they say.
  • A small fleet of Saxons lands on the south coast, near Chichester, and takes over that city. The new chief, named Port, marches north; when he meets with the army of Cerdic, who is coming to see what has occurred, there is a battle — and Cerdic is defeated.
  • Cerdic agrees to give a couple of cities to Port, who renames one after himself: Portsmouth.
  • A small but determined band of Saxons breaks into the nunnery of Amesbury and tries to take Queen Ygraine.
  • Angles Conquer Huntland and Hartland.
  • The Cadlews are defeated and killed.
  • Morgan marries king Lot of Lothain.
  • King Meliodas of Lyoness is missing, and his pregnant wife runs into the forest trying to find him. She dies as she gives birth.

“They were careless.”, took place in 501 A.D. during the Anarchy Period and was played on 2017-06-15 in an unknown location.

Game Master was Ikabodo.

SuspektApelsin played Pertoines and Maelgwyn, Arcas played Cadry, AshFall played Cynyr, EllenMsbck played Ennis and Skarpskytten played Padern.

Events that took place during 501 A.D.

During the year of 501 these adventures, battles or other events took place in the lives of the knights in the story.

Player Journals from 501 A.D.

Every year the players write their own stories of what happens around their characters. Most of the stories revolve around the characters lives in autumn and winter.

By the winter fire 501 A.D.

Twice a year the courts of Logres gather to discuss law, war, politics and gossip. Here is a list of quotes that can be gathered at these events.

By the winter fire
Conversation & Quotes 501 a.d.

In the shadows

Rumours & Intrigue 501 a.d.


In the solar

Trends & Fashion 501 a.d.