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504 A.D.

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Sins of the Father

The Easter feast in Sarum is cut short for the Salisbury knights when Prince Cynric, son of King Cerdic, threatens to kill Sir Maelgwyn son Bradwen if lady Ellens doesn't swear fealty to his father. Knowing that their lady would never do such a thing the knight undertake desperate journey fraught with danger to West Seaxe to free Bradwen.

  • The King of Somerset sends heralds to ask for help in fighting against King Idres.
  • King Idres continues his march of expansion. His army invades Somerset and besieges the city of Wells. After the necessary length of time holding out, it finally surrenders.

Sins of the Father, took place in 504 A.D. during the Anarchy Period and was played on 2017-07-28 in Bolmsö.

Game Master was Ikabodo.

SuspektApelsin played Maelgwyn, Arcas played Cadry, AshFall played Cynyr, EllenMsbck played Ennis and Skarpskytten did not play this year.

Events that took place during 504 A.D.

During the year of 504 these adventures, battles or other events took place in the lives of the knights in the story.

Player Journals from 504 A.D.

Every year the players write their own stories of what happens around their characters. Most of the stories revolve around the characters lives in autumn and winter.

By the winter fire 504 A.D.

Twice a year the courts of Logres gather to discuss law, war, politics and gossip. Here is a list of quotes that can be gathered at these events.

By the winter fire
Conversation & Quotes 504 a.d.

In the shadows

Rumours & Intrigue 504 a.d.


In the solar

Trends & Fashion 504 a.d.