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Type: Non Player Character
Gender: Female
Religion: British Christian
Class: Lady
Level of fame: Respected
Distinctive features: Long locks, Big hips, Curvy
Current age: Expression error: Unexpected < operator."Expression error: Unexpected < operator." is not a number. (as of 500A.D.)
County: Salisbury
Liege lord: Ellen
Form of address: My Lady
Colloquial address: My Lady
Formal address: Lady Marigold of House Caerec.
Known for
House: Caerec
Current husband: Canuc
Culture: [[Cymrii]]
Age category: Adult
Born: 465 A.D.
Birthcounty: Huntland

~ Respected Lady ~

Lady Marigold

Marigold is a Respected Cymric Lady from Salisbury. She currently serves Ellen.

She is the daughter of an unknown man and an unknown woman. She is married to Canuc. She has no sons or daughters.

She is Expression error: Unexpected < operator. years old and lives in Salisbury.


Marigold one of the the three gossiping ladies, formerly of the royal court. They now spend their time in Lady Ellen's court. Marigold is the youngest of the three ladies and most starry-eyed and idealistic one.

She is married to Sir Canuc de Caerec, a tall and rangly knight. He served as a household knight to the king, but now serves Cador as a mercenary. He regularly sends coins back to his wife. She has no living children, and often dreams of getting her own.