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[[File:{{#setmainimage:Melkin kanske2.1.png}}|270px|link=|class=dead]]
Type: Player Character
Player: EllenMsbck
Gender: Male
Religion: Roman Christian
Class: Vassal Knight
Glory: 6567
Level of fame: Renowned
Distinctive features:
Estate: Hindon
County: Salisbury
Liege lord: Roderick
Death year: 495 A.D.
Age at time of death: 34
Form of address: Sir
Colloquial address: Sir Hindon
Formal address: Sir Melkin of Hindon of House Marwth.
Known for
House: Marwth
Family tree: []
Former wives:
Sons (0):
Daughters (0):
Culture: [[]]
Age category: Adult
Born: 461 A.D.
Squired: 476 A.D.
Knighted: 482 A.D.
Birthcounty: Salisbury
Azure, an eagle rising argent

~ Renowned Vassal Knight ~

Sir Melkin

Melkin was a Renowned Cymric Vassal Knight from Salisbury. He served Roderick at the time of his death.

He was the son of Bryn and Cælia. He was unmarried. He has no sons or daughters.

He died in 495 A.D. He was 34 years old.


Melkin was the son of Bryn, one of the so called Bannermen, and heir to Hindon. He watched his father die while he was still very young and has been raised by his adoptive mother, and his adoptive uncle. Although raised in a pagan household, his relatives was careful to make sure that Melkin got the proper Roman Christian upbringing by sending relatives to the Cellydon household. During his life he served faithfully as a vassal knight to count Roderick.

Notable possessions

  • A chest of roman coins (£27)
  • A book titled “The institute of Gaius”
  • A holy relic of St Albans (Spiritual +3) (around Melkin’s neck year 495 when he died)
  • A holy relic of St Joseph of Aramathia (helps the knight from imprisonment) (in the chest)
  • A ring given by Merlin (a single re-roll on any die) (given to Brynach year 495)


“His son Melkin inherits the manor of Hindon and the attached Roman Villa with all the lands that came with it, a chest of roman coins (£20), £2 in silver, A book titled “The institute of Gaius”, A holy relic of St Albans (Spiritual +3), an old roman chainmail with helmet, a cymric sword, a dagger, 5 spears and two painted shields. The Saxon Clothes he wore at time of death was burned. "

By the honorable rights granted to us through virtue of blood, tradition and right to the dominion of Salisbury, I, Count Roderick of Salisbury, son of Count Robyn called the Grand Knight, do recognize that by right, since Time Immemorial, that Sir Melkin, the son of Bryn of the Bannermen, carries all rights to the manor of The Roman Villa, also known as Hindon, to be held in perpetuity, with the right of judgement at the hundred court of Hillfort; and furthermore I, Count Roderick of Salisbury, recognize also the ancient right, given by the High King Constantine, to carry the arms of his lineage, a silver eagle, on azure.

In return for this recognition the good friend my vassal agrees to supply upon demand, for service inside or outside or my county, the service for sixty days of one knight, and two Foot Soldiers for the army, and one Archer for the garrison of Vagon Castle.

These rights are granted in full faith and completion, but in every case excluding those parcels that are legitimately held by other vassals of mine, or by legitimate vassals of theirs, and therefore to this charter we set my seal in trust and affection.


461: Born in the dead of winter in a very complicated pregnancy, mother fell ill and almost died.

462: Almost died of the “Hillfort cough”.

463: While holding his sister Emogen’s hand, watched his father die during the The Adventure of the The Coming Dawn.

471: Together with Cadry, had an adventure with the Redcap in Mordron’s forest.

480: Helped in killing The Imber Bear together with his fellow squires and witnessed the poisoning of Aurelius. Experienced his first battle (at Menevia) , witness the burial of the high king and got in trouble with a woman.

481: Unfortunately gaining his first major wound in a fight with an enormous rat as he worked to avoid a disastrous feast at count Roderick’s account. Talked to Cadry about the feast, and discussed Cadry’s love for Brangwen. Went on a transformative journey with Amig.

482: Took part in the adventure wielding the blade watching lord Elad duel with sir Gwrien, and joining the the conquest of Summerland. Was knighted together with his friends during the summer, an also made a defensive alliance with his neighbor lord Sutton. Spent his first winter as lord of Hindon making family decisions and giving count Roderick marriage advice.

483: Participated in the adventure Feuds and Family, won his first duel and fathered (at least) one bastard.

484: Received his second major wound by a saxon as he was leading a squad during the Ambush at Ebracum the same year. Saw the wound healed by Merlin and later lead the same squad to victory in the Battle of Mount Damen. Visited the Loathly Lady in Mordron’s forest, and found out that his brother Ennis was alive while asking her a second question. Also saw Victus leave his household during Winnifred’s winter wedding, and had a most mysterious experience at the Roman Villa.

485: Received his third major wound trying to save Cadry from certain death at The Battle of Mearcreed Creek. Saw his manor raided and heard a crow speak. Married lady Mairwen, had one of his relatives slain and fathered a true born son. Also participated at Hundred court of Hillfort the same year.

486: Received his forth major wound fighting a giant on a quest for Merlin and met the redcap again while looking for bailiff Tathal. Fathered a true born daughter but losing his wife in labor. Married again not long after lady Mairwen’s death.

487: Participated in the grand sword feast at Sarum the same year, followed the king to Linden and performed diplomacy at the court of the Centurion king. Also, scouted for bandits in the edge of forest of gloom together with his squire Deian.

488: Took part in the Adventure of the bandits in Modron’s forest. Had twins with his new wife, lady Nest, and lost his old chaplain to a horrible fate.

489: Was sent out on a secret mission on the behalf of Count Roderick.

490: Spent most of the year at king Idre’s court in Bretagn, eventually left with help of a new friend. Saw his wife go into depression after giving birth to Melkin’s forth daughter.

491: Followed sir Cadry to the Terrabil siege and helped Merlin with a mysterious task. Witnessed King Uther’s Marriage and made a new friend while searching for his lost elder brother, Ennis.

492: Participated in a quest where Merlin, or someone who looked like Merlin, kidnapped the king’s new born son. Stood trial for aiding Merlin in this adventure, fell terribly ill because of his crimes during the autumn, and recovered later during winter the same year.

493: Took part in the adventure of the deceitful feari, were Melkin got to revisit the Perillious forest in real life. Lost his stepdaughter to the icy waters of Nadar River.

494: Received his fifth major wound and almost died in Estragales as he was taking part of a political embassy there. Had yet another mysterious experience at the Roman Villa.

495: Adventured north with the king’s army. Fought at the battle of saint Alban’s, and made a great contribution to the fight while leading his squadron to great success against the saxon’s. Mourned sir Gamond who fell in the battle and took part in the feast the same evening as the king and many other important knights were poisoned. Died himself from the same poison, holding his brother Cadry’s hand. His last words were

Book of the Dead

Sir Melkin died after being poisoned at the Infamous Feast. Sir Melkin fought bravely in the battle of St Albans but was ultimately lost in the treachery of the feast that was held afterwards. His body was laid at rest in his family tomb at Hindon. His many dead of glory are spoken of in the lands for many years thereafter. He was known for his leadership in battle and fought in many skirmishes and battles. Most notably he led a unit that helped saved King Uther’s banner in the battle of St Albans. He died a Notable Knight.

Melkin was known for his Bravery in the many occasions he fought in battles and fights. But he was also known as a mild-mannered man, his tendency to forgive his enemies and show mercy against his enemies. He often spoke of being careful to trust your neighbors, especially those from Silchester but also was known to trust his best friend Sir Cadry and the Magician Merlin. He was also a man of passion and great Loyalty for his Liege and his wrath against those that break his Hospitality. Like many men of his time, he often spoke of the wondrous Ygraine, and once even tried to kill himself in her name because she wanted it.

Beginning as a skilled squire, he later used these skills to become a talented rider, and a great swordsman and a great commander in battle. Like many romans, he learned to use his silver tongue later in life.

Melkin has two wives during his life, the first, Mairwen, died in childbirth early. His latest wife, Nest, survived his death, as well as several of his children. He left behind two sons and four daughters.

His son Brynach, from his first Marriage, inherits the manor of Hindon and the attached Roman Villa with all the lands that came with it, a chest of roman coins (£27), 170 dinarii, A book titled “The institute of Gaius”, A holy relic of St Albans (Spiritual +3), an old roman chainmail with helmet, a cymric sword, a sword, a dagger, 5 spears and two painted shields. The clothes he wore during his last drink was burned.